Help me identify this song about a french fry in a car

So… several months ago I was listening to a local radio station in Houston and they played some fantastic song that I cannot for the life of me remember enough about to google and find out what it was.

If my memory is correct it’s about understanding life and change and the passage of time. And I really think there is something in the song about a french fry… or possibly a potato chip??? (though I really think it was a french fry) on the floor or dashboard of a car and this was the cause of the singer’s epiphany about life. It was kind of a funny song, sort of tongue in cheek if you will, but also kind of cool because it really did make you think about life in a sort of way.

Anyhow… I know it was woman singer, but other than that I don’t know any of the details. Can anyone help me out here? What was this song? It may have been NPR but I cannot say for sure.

I’m bumping this because I am really dying to figure it out, still, these months later.

Could it be Lemon Demon’s song New Way Out?

If not, what genre of music would it have been?

Rodney Atkins’ Watching You’?

Oh my god, what dreck.

nice tries guys, but wasn’t either of those.

It sounded like it might have been from a musical, honestly. If I remember correctly it was a female singer, and maybe just a guitar or piano accompanying her voice. Not like a pop song at all. Very simple and crisp and clean. It was uplifting. And I’m sure there was something about seeing a french fry on the floor (or dashboard?) of the car, and this somehow got the singer to think about life and passing of time, and such.

A stab in the dark: Daddy Ate My Fries. I can see this being part of an NPR show or something,

Haha another great guess :slight_smile: Love me some Adventure Time. And the style of the song is pretty much as the same as the one I’m thinking of. But sadly it’s not the song. :’(

Well, here’s a shot in the dark:

Colder, Professor, much colder. Haha. Thanks for another attempt though.

Update: I just remembered my friend Jacob was in the car with me. I just sent him a text. Here’s what we said…

Me: Jacob, do you remember like… maybe a year ago or more, hearing a song on the radio about a french fry on the floor or dashboard of a car, driving with me? 3:51 PM
Jacob: Yes! We never heard the name 3:58 PM

So my memory about the gist/content of the song is correct. We can’t remember anything else though!!

More info (guesses) from Jacob: He thinks we may have heard it on a show called Prarie Home Companion, on NPR.

I think it may have been late November 2011, or possibly early December that year.

I know this isn’t the song, but your post reminded me of this awesome remix by schmoyoho of some dude’s burger and fries review:

Guess what? Significant portions of Prairie Home Companion are available at the show’s website, searchable by month and year. For instance:

If the song was created for the show (which is fairly often), this would be the only way to find it. Good luck.

How about this?

French Fry Song by The Greyhounds? Not a female singer but everything else sounds pretty close.

Groshing, I’m not sure how you found this thread, or whatever, but thank you for your attempt at answering my old question! Unfortunately that isn’t the song I heard that fateful night on (probably) local public radio station.

It is certainly the closest in content/message that we’ve had so far!

Could it have been KPFT instead of an NPR channel? (I don’t even know which channel in Houston is NPR, frankly.) But b/c both are non profit radio stations, they get confused.

3:58 these days would be the news during the week. But on Saturdays it’s a show called Deadbeat and on Sundays it’s a bluegrass show.