Help me identify video camera capture software

I have a digital 8 camera with a firewire interface. I recall a while back that because the software that came with it was kind of bloated, I looked for freeware alternatives.

I found some freeware minimalist capture software which may have been open source, I forget. Anyway, it had just the bare necesities - a small window with camera controls (play, rewind, etc) and an ability to capture the raw data from the video feed - no editing, no processing, it just turned as much of the tape as I wanted into DV files. IIRC, it created a new file for every time the camera was stopped and started again in playback.

Does anyone have any idea what this software was?

I think Windows Movie Maker is free with Windows.
I am sure there are others…

One tool I like using is WinDV. It’s great for capturing from my DV camera. I don’t think it’s the tool you’re describing since it doesn’t have buttons for play, ff, rw, etc., but it’s still good.

The site has a tools section which describes hundreds of various tools used for video editing. If your tool exists, I’m sure they will mention it.