Help me indentify these unusual motorcycle type vehicles

OK, unfortunately I am not going to give a lot to go on here.

In the last two weeks I have seen two different strange motorcycle-type vehicles on my usual drive to and from work (I live west of Boston and work in Cambridge).

I think I have seen each vehicle twice. In all cases they were driving directly towards me so I only got a good look at the front, and even then only for a few seconds.

Vehicle 1: Looks to be the size and shape of a standard two-wheeled motorcycle but has a cab-like dealy over the rider. In other words the front, top, and back(?) are covered but the sides are open.

Vehicle 2: Looks to be the size and shape of a standard motorcycle but as far as I can tell has two wheels in the front, very close together, and one(?) in the back.

From the brief glimpses I got they look like newer models, they aren’t some vintage contraptions. It is possible Vehicle 2 is a custom job but I don’t think so. Vehicle 1 seems like it is supposed to look the way it does.

Any ideas?

Number one may be a Benelli Adiva, but I believe a couple of other enclosed scooters have been introduced recently.

Number two sounds like it may be a new scooter made by Piaggio.

Is it possible that one of them was a Carver? 'Cause that would be way cool.

Oh, here’s another possibility for number one: BMW C1

Wow, you’re good. I think you nailed #2. I see there are a couple of dealers in the Boston area too. And #1 may indeed be the Benelli.

It’s interesting that both of them are scooters rather than motorcycles. I guess as gas prices rise we are going to see more and more scooters in American cities.

Definitely not the Carver although I agree that would be cool. Is/was that mass produced?

The BMW seems unlikely just based on when and where it was made.

Since I have seen both vehicles twice now I assume the owners live and or work near where I do. I will keep my eyes open and try to get a better look next time.

Thank you for that link, because of that, I found this piece on some guys who built a hydrostatic transmission equipped bike, which I find ubercool as Tucker wanted to build such a thing for cars, but never was able to.

Yes, although it’s quite expensive. It’s of Dutch origin and appears to have been mainly marketed in Europe. So far there is no distributor for North America, but there may be by 2008. Here’s a link.

Also, if you search around on YouTube you’ll find a Top Gear segment on it. The general conclusion apparently was that it’s a real hoot to drive.

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