Help me instal redhat

Ok, I think I’ve read just about every manual I can get my hands on. I’ve been to the redhat site and I know it like I know the back of my hand. Regardless, I can’t install this OS. Here some of my drawbacks:

At the boot prompt I press enter and instead of getting the GUI interface I get the text-based one. I looked for my Creative Labs Annihilator 2 MX on the compatiblity site and didn’t find it. When I try switching back to my old port the computer can’t find a monitor. And I’ve tried disabling my monitor in windows 98. It didn’t seem to work too well. So, since I’m determined to get Redhat 7.0 to work, I decided to try the text-based installation. That was going ok until I got an error (which I missed out on the info about it :frowning: )and then it aborted the installation. If you need me too I can try it again and try and see what the error is again. Also, I have 98 on my box now, and I guess I would like to keep it. So how do I do this “partionless” installation. I never saw that option anywhere. In fact I never saw anything asking me to do the mount points or anything. If I just put in the CD and do a workstation installation will it over-write windows? I remember reading it will over-write previous linux OS’s but since I don’t have any. Or do I need to run fdisk before I try to install redhat? arg, I’m ver frusterated. I’ll try and give you guys all the info. you can possibly need, just let me know. Thanks.

HP Pavilion
I have a intel 650 mhz PIII
30 gig. western digital hard drive.
I want to install redhat 7.0 workstation, which I bought, not downloaded.

Actually, that’s why I liked the old RedHat 6 installer better, it had a text based installer, and you could get a lot more install done in the text window before you had to do graphics and Xwindows configuration.
Anyway, I heard there were problems with RH7, it has some incompatibilites with binaries, its some sort of forking problem that I won’t get into unless you’re into that sort of thing. Most people I know are holding off RH7 until it gets straightened out.