Help me logically describe a fairly easy file management task (OS X)

So I have a HD full of music files embedded in folders. Some are .mp3s, .wavs, and other formats.

I want to be able to pull those files out of the folders and then trash the folders (which have .nfos, .jpgs, etc. in them). I can do this manually but it seems that there should be a way to automate this.

I used to use FileBuddy for this, but is there another way to do what I’m suggesting? Maybe in Automator? And is there an easier way of describing what I’m trying to do?

You could do it on the command-line using the ‘find’ command (assuming the files all have predictable names/extensions), if you’re comfortable with that kind of thing (but I’m guessing you’re not since you didn’t mention it).

If you like the structure iTunes uses, you can import or consolidate them into its library folder. That will move the media files and leave behind everything else.