Help me look sexy!

I have been down in the dumps lately. To cheer myself up, I am thinking about buying – and surprising Mouse_Spouse – with some sort of sexy dress.

I’m 5 feet 5 inches tall. Wear size 10 jeans (US - Gap brand). 36B chest. A seamstress friend told me that above the waist I’m petite and below the waist I’m regular, but I’m not sure what this means :confused:

Here are some pictures of me:
I’m in the purple shirt.

Getting dressed for my wedding

Me & Mouse_Spouse

I’m clueless! The first picture shows how I usually dress. Please suggest something!

Just wear a rose between your teeth and a wicked gleam in your eye.

You have to pick your best asset, and show it off. Leave something to the imagination. You like your legs, get a shorter dress that your boobs aren’t falling out of. Like your boobs? Get a low cut dress that isn’t super short.

Your wedding dress was really pretty by the way. I love simple, elegant dresses.

Is the dress for wearing out or just for the bedroom? Many men like their woman to occassionally dress slutty just for them.

A thin coat of baby oil never hurts either. Accessorizing is everything.

For wearing out. I am very much a tom-boy (man? woman? I’m turning 30 soon. What the hell do you call a straight woman with a masculine side?!) Mouse_Spouse has said he would like to see me in something sexy and feminine.

I was raise by a single father, so I missed out on the whole “this is how you look nice” thing.

I think high heels, and a wide brimmed hat.

Accessorize with a six pack, or a pint of Glenfidich.

huh? oh.

Ok, just keep in mind the clothes are to make you feel sexy. You feeling sexy is the part that makes him feel sexy. So, flatter the parts you think need flattering, and cover up what you like having covered up.


Velvet pants and a silk shirt, both flowy, somethat that’ll make him want to see how it feels…

Then a simple “little black dress”, slightly above the knee, and a little low cut. You’ll be able to use it for lots of stuff.

To sex the "little black dress’ up, get some thigh-high stockings, I prefer the backseam black ones. Add some high heels with an ankle-strap. Then a push-up bra that goes with the dress (you’ll likely have spagetti straps with the dress, so the bra will have to be strapless). “Forget” the panties or wear a thong.

I think that wearing tops and dresses that have the same cut as the upper half (hips and up) of your wedding dress would be a good idea. That dress looked great on you. I’m sure there are shirts–ones with a nice, tailored look–that would suit you perfectly.

I also like the photos of you with your hair up. Have you considered growing it out a little, just so that you can arrange it in a chignon or something like that?

Also, you might want to do something that gives you a sense of accomplishment and joy. There’s nothing sexier than being happy. Physical exercise works well for this, especially exercise in an environment where your only goal is to push yourself as hard as you can, or where there’s some other intrinsic benefit–getting to see the beautiful view from the top of a hill, or getting to see what you’ve heard are beautiful rock formations along a challenging trail, for example.

I find that anything that shifts your attention from yourself, and onto something else that really fascinates you or involves you helps immensely.

I’m too sexy for this message b

Ok, just keep in mind the clothes are to make you feel sexy. You feeling sexy is the part that makes him feel sexy. So, flatter the parts you think need flattering, and cover up what you like having covered up./QUOTE]Seconded. In your first picture, you are quite sexy, because you are comfortable and relaxed.

(Of course, you should also take into account that I am one of those weirdos who thinks head scarves can be very attractive and who prefers a T-shirt and shorts over pleasant curves to lingerie and frills any day…)

…but Google ads knows that I have a male urinary problem :rolleyes:

But I’d agree with

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an unsexy wedding photo (and I’m a guy!) I thought my college roomie’s fiance was okay looking if a bit stiff and reserved but her on her wedding day was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen.

But clothes? ehhh, I got nothin’.

Agreed; that top on a dress and then a full skirt ending just below the knee. Your coloring could pull off a rich jewel tone, maybe in velvetiness. It would provide enough coverage that you are comfortable; something too strappy and baring might cause you to have to adjust things all evening and be too worried about it. Add some interest and broadness to the top (wider-set straps) to balance out your shape.

Some of the ones here look pretty but comfortable.

Sorry to double-post. This is a nice silhouette, and you could find that style in a lower price range.

It sounds like you and I have similar builds. The “petite above the waist” thing (or being short waisted) can make shopping hard. Try looking for a petite dress with short or no sleeves, assuming you have long arms to go with your long legs. Maybe like this?

Looks like gigi and I are both AnnTaylor fans. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the input!

I’m very self-conscience. If it were possible, I would wear a burqu.

My hair? I can try to grow it out. Never really thought about it. What? This brown-going-on-grey stuff on top of my head? What about it?

Going to the gym three times a week, yoga and hiking on weekends, and watching what I eat doesn’t seem to do anything for my figure. This body is determined to be pear-shaped size 10. :frowning:

Usually, I’m very into my work, but things have been difficult. My self-confidence and libido have gone out the window. Hopefully, a night of dress-up-go-out will help me and Spouse.

Do you have a chance that day to go to the salon? You wouldn’t have to get a cut, just have them style the hair to go with your dress. He’d be blown away!

If you are self-conscious about a sleeveless dress, you could always wear a shrug or wrap which adds style and a punch of color if your dress is dark.

Why don’t you borrow his skirt? Perhaps some knee socks to complete the bad schoolgirl look.