Non-automated poll: Which do you find sexier: bare skin, hints of same, or high couture?

Visualize, if you will, the person you find sexiest. Natalie Portman, Taye Diggs, Halle Berry, Matt Damon–the who doesn’t matter. Just get a picture of him or her in your head.

If it’s a woman, would you find her sexier while wearing an outfit that bared a great deal of skin, like daisy dukes & a halter top; something that showed her figure but bared little flesh, like tight jeans and an equally tight sweater, A flowing, casual dress that does not cling to her flesh? Or an elegant gown?

If the person you’re visualizing is male, would you find him sexier while wearing shorts & a muscle shirt, tight jeans and a tight shirt, a well-tailored business suit, or a well-tailored tux?

I’m not doing this as an automated poll. I started to, but then I wondered if I should break down the options by gender & sexual orientation, and they got unwieldy, and as you know I am terribly lazy. If you wish to specify your gender, & orientation, and approximate age in your response you may, but if you don’t wish to I won’t cry.

I seem to answer a lot of your threads early - or not at all.

Anyway, business suit is definitely the top of the line for me in a man. A well-tailored one might possibly bring me to my knees (heh, pun not intended).

But funnily enough, right after that comes a pair of low-slung jeans and nothing else. It doesn’t go sequentially or anything like that.

I don’t find shorts particularly sexy on men. They’re not bad, they just don’t do anything for me.

Female, 34, straight.

40ish hetero female, here.

I like men best in jeans and a flannel shirt. Mostly I’m turned on by soft cotton that makes me want to run my hands across it. Jeans a little tight across the bum is a plus.

I like a nice, well tailored suit or tux—cheap, ill fitting suit a definite turn-off. I agree with Anaamika on the shorts, too. Oh–I bet a lot will also agree on a spiffy uniform being attractive (military, fireman, etc.)LOL!

female, straight, 49

Picturing the person I find sexiest (my wife), my favorite attire is a cotton sundress. A little cleavage, sleeveless, skirt just above the knee… drool.

She likes me best in a business suit, 5 o’clock shadow.

This. Oh god, this.

Especially if he’s really lean and long-limbed. And the jeans are low enough to show the…I don’t know the name for it, but the lines that go \ / where his legs meet his torso and all you want to do is trace them with your tongue until you find the spot where they join and…
Excuse me. I’ll be in my bunk.

Yeeeeeahh…you got it sister. This is the shit.

I like that new Old Spice commercial. That man on a horse is to die for. I think he’s especially to die for because he is wearing a low-slung towel and you can see his “v”. And he’s on a horse. Backwards.

High coture, but commando. When Rachel told Ross she was commando under her dress in “The One Where No-One Is Ready,” I reacted just like he did.

male, straight, 54

Straight female. It depends on context; nothing is nice, just a little something skimpy (like pyjama tops with no bottoms) is nice, a suit is nice (if it’s the right kind of suit), but my single strongest fetish outfit, on the right guy (skinny, nerdy, and a pretty face), is a white button-down shirt, a little big and a little rumpled, with the sleeves rolled up and the neck open a few buttons. Throw in hot little glasses and longish, artlessly touseled hair and I may need some alone time.

Het male. Skin.

Apologies for playing to type.

Well-tailored suit, definitely. Agreed with Anaamika about the shorts–not a fan.

Me too.

Either a sun dress or a MINIskirt.

Or just underwear.

Natalie Portman - butt-ass-nekkid !
Ok, Natalie Portman in an Aodai.

Not much exposed skin, but very sexy.

Male, straight

28 Hetero female.

My favorite is jeans and no shirt. Especially (as previously described) showing the “v” of his hip bones. Yum.

Second best would be a well fitting suit. Tuxes don’t do it for me as much, but a nice suit with a vest? Tie partially loosened. . . Mmmmm.

My husband is 31, hetero and he prefers a bit of skin. There’s a couple weeks every spring/summer when I start wearing tank tops again after a winter of sweaters that he’s like a teenager, all hands and nuzzling. I get some nice back rubs those few weeks :slight_smile:

Those little hollows, yes. Even I’m not sure what they are called.

Hmm. Off to change the picture on my desktop.

I had a class on Ancient Greek art in college, and my professor pointed out this feature on a statue of Apollo and referred to it as the iliac furrow. It’s apparently known as “Apollo’s belt” in some circles.

I remember my sister calling them the “violin lines” (“Whoa, you can see his violin lines!”) because of the resemblance to the sound holes on a violin. On a violin these are also called f-holes, although I think a reference to a man’s f-hole would bring to mind another part of his anatomy. :wink:


I have been fortunate enough to have seen a goodly number of female wimminz in various stages of dress, from full to un. Most of them looked better as the clothing came off, but a few of them actually looked better with it on.

So I have to say that it doesn’t matter to me, as long as they have that light-in-the-eyes smile on their face. Male, straight, 61.

The sexiest outift on a sexy man is jeans, juuust tight enough to show off his arse, with a shirt unbuttoned a bit at the neck and with the sleeves rolled up halfway so I can see his forearms (forearms! swoon!), messy hair and little bit of stubble.

Kinda like JR Brown’s, but can I swap skinny, nerdy and pretty for broad-shouldered and long-legged with lightly muscled forearms? (Have I mentioned how much I like forearms?)

Ranking the options, rather than simply choosing one…

For women…

Hint of skin (preferably diaphanous, but not quite transparent, clothing, though tight and completely opaque is also fine).
Skin (naked preferred to revealing clothes…revealing clothes can be a turn off if designed badly).
Well dressed (mostly, good clothes can make a woman beautiful, but not sexy - there are likely exceptions, but not many).

For men…

Well dressed (a man in a military dress uniform, or a tux…yes, sir!).
Hints of skin (can be nice, but…well, look at the ‘revealing clothes’ caveat for the skin reply in the women section…)

33, male(…ish), prefer females, but a stronger than casual attraction to men.