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I posted this on the “sexy dresses” topic in the MPSIMS forum. No one responded. I’m posting it here, hoping that it was ignored not because it was a stupid question, but, rather, because it was simply a question, not a statement. handy posted “Men wear sexy clothing or try to look sexy too. Then they ignore women who look at them…” to which I responded:

What kind of men’s clothing is sexy??
I’m a 17-year old male. The only thing that I have worn in public that I could imagine as being sexy is [loose-fitting] shorts and a white undershirt that I cut the sleeves off of or a generic nylon basketball jersey. But this doesn’t seem to be provocative at all. If anything, I look like I just rolled out of bed and threw on a pair of shorts over my boxers.
Men’s fashions are just not made to be sexy. We have suits, which I guess are sexy to women who are attracted to money and prestige. It’s a rock and hard place: We’re either dressed nicely but are all covered up, or we show a little skin and look like we don’t give a crap about how we look, which in turn, consciously or sub-consciously gives the women around us the impression that we’re not even bothering to look decent because the women we’re with are not worth it.

And while we’re at it, why is it that if a woman wears tight clothing, she’s sexy, but if a man does so, he’s gay?

I’m too sexy for my shirt.

The sexiest articles of clothing I own (at least I think so) are my black cut-offs, my black and grey vest (looks fabulous with nearly everything), and my black peasant shirt.

As to what I consider sexy male clothing… I like jeans (esp. cut-offs), collared shirts unbuttoned just far enough to see a bit of hair, and the shimmering purple see-through spandex-polyester far-too-tight shirt that my sexy friend Karim just bought. But mostly, it’s not the clothes, it’s the mind above them and body inside them that attract me.

An interesting question.

My girlfriend thinks I’m sexy in my khakis and a nice shirt. I think I just look “nice”. Then again, I’m not especially sexually attacted to me :wink:

Our society, and perhaps society throughout time has decreed that the female form be the more provocative one. Be it through our own natural way or society’s influence, when we think of ‘sexy’, the female seems to take the lead. Example: Most guys I know wouldn’t know a sexy guy if the sexy guy beat them up in an alley. With some extreme exceptions, we just can’t “see it”. Women on the other hand seem to immediately know when another woman is attractive. This is from one of my ex-girlfriends: “Of course we know when another woman is sexy - why do you think we get jealous so easily?” My point is that, I’m not sure if anyone’s tried really hard to make the male form ‘sexy’ through clothing to the norm of society and if such a thing is even possible. I can see a dress and without a woman in it, think “wow, that’s one sexy dress.” I’ve never seen anyone see a men’s shirt and think anything besides “That might look good on you.”

“I guess it is possible for one person to make a difference, although most of the time they probably shouldn’t.”

Sexy dress for men Pete, would be a tux…nothing better to get a womans’ attention than a tux. They symbolize things like you said but ANY guy can wear one. NOt all women find that sexy, but the classier ones do.

But then I don’t take them very seriously so I would wear one to a pool party.

This rates much sexier than greasy hair and pants that fall down around the butt with underpants showing.

Uniforms, military officer uniforms also rank high on sexy. Bought some at a thrift store and put on ranks for captain, sgt., lt. and general [one star] all on the same suit. Although I don’t wear it anymore. Officer suits & tuxes if you don’t look like an officer, get a lot of women attention.

Jophiel has the right analysis, but you need some more female input. I have nothing to contribute. I think I was never sexy except fpr my hair, and that’s not “dress”. Just keeping your topic alive here…

A $1500 Armani suit.

I think most guys would know how rich the other guy is. Or, at least, if the other guy is richer or not.

Sexy goes beyond the physical. Men look for youth, and women look for money. It’s so simple. How else can you have a baby?

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This topic got no serious airtime in MPSIMS?
Well, no wonder! It obviously falls in the realm of deserving fine objective scientific scrutiny.

Hey, Saint Nickrz, are you mocking my curiosity? 8-Þ

A man in uniform, eh? I tried that. Didn’t work. I sported my old cub scout uniform on a date. She laughed me out of the room.

A tuxedo–that’s a good observation. I just went to a prom with a girl who unlike many, is not attracted to money and power. She likes nice bodies. And yet she flipped when I showed up in a tux with flowers and a bottle of wine. I don’t get it. I looked like a penguin. Or a transvestite nun.

I don’t know who first said “everyone’s a critic,” but I think it’s a really stupid saying.

I think it depends on the girl. Some are into baseball players, some into money, etc.
Around here, standard fare for going out on the town is pretty much khakis and a shirt.
Now, we could turn this topic around and let the girlies know what THEY should wear :slight_smile:

I think sexiness in men, at least in the context outlined here, stems chiefly from ATTITUDE. You can dress up Antonio Banderas in any-fucking-thing and he will still steam panites at 100 yards. It’s in the way that a man moves and speaks that makes him desirable, not necessarily the way he dresses.

My version of what really qualifies as sexy dress on a man is when he wears something that makes other guys take notice.

I’ve always found understated, high-quality business attire sexy. I’m talking nicely pressed (preferably grey) high quality dress slacks, well-shined shoes, black socks, a spotless, perfectly pressed, high-quality white shirt that fits perfectly, and a nice, tasteful tie. Something that says “I am a professional, responsible guy and I either have very good taste myself or I let someone who does dress me. Additionally, I do not shop at Wal-Mart.”
A suit jacket is optional. For me, it’s mostly the shirt and the tie.

Shabbiness is definitely a turn-off. If any part of the outfit looks the slightest bit frayed or worn, it wrecks the look completely.

I guess “understated and tasteful” sums it up.

Personally, I like a loose, tank top and olive pants, in the summer (on men).

Picking up on What kind of men’s clothing is sexy??and Beeruser’s reply: use sexy accessories, such as a big fat snakeskin… wallet.

It all depends on the guy and the girl. My personal preference is the computer geek/drummer look: thin, long hair, t-shirt and torn jeans. But my ex-boyfriend would have looked silly like that. On him, I always liked neat preppy-looking clothes, it fit his looks and personality better.
Then again, don’t take my word. I think Tim Curry looks sexy in women’s underwear. :wink:

(For anyone grossed out by that last remark, I’m a Rocky freak!)

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
– Henry David Thoreau

I’m a sucker for a man in a suit, especially a black tux. I also like a man in a tank top. Especially on a hot summer day, when he’s glistening with (just a little) sweat…sigh. Say, is it getting hot in here?

Sometimes life is so great you just gotta muss up your hair and quack like a duck!

I think sexy dress for a man is a balance of two things, projecting his personality and blending in. To much or little of either and he either doesn’t get noticed or gets noticed laughed at.

Suits look sexy if everyone else is wearing shirtsleeves and goofy ties. They look ridiculous at a heavy metal concert or a neighborhood bbq.

Khaki shorts and earth shoes look sexy in the park, but ridiculous in a conservative office or a symphony concert. Same with artfully slashed black t-shirts and jeans.

Cessandra: why do so many women get attracted to guys who you know are going turn out to be bums who you will have to support eventually? Is there some odd evolutionary advantage here? Propagation of the “wandering” gene?

Sexy dress on a woman for me would have completely naked. Yes, rather simple I must say.