Help me make a playlist. Misogynist Music

Guys camping trip in a few weeks. Card playing, cigar smoking, beer drinking, etc. Each of us is supposed to bring some music.

I’m trying to put together a themed playlist. A few of the guys are going through some women problems, divorce, etc.

So I’m looking for some music that might reflect the mood.

I don’t mean the feminist sexual objectification idea of misogyny necessarily.

I’m thinking more in the ‘Cherchez la femme’ vein, where a source of problems and/or pain is (a) woman.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Tom Waits,'Better Off Without A Wife. More humorous than acrimonious, but… :slight_smile:
She Got the Goldmine, I got the Shaft :smiley: Jerry Reed ROCKS!!

Celo Green’s’Forget You’ (otherwise known as Fuck You, which works better :wink:

Rolling Stones, Under My Thumb.

I knew if I previewed, someone would have beaten me to it.

Add “Stupid Girl.”

By Garbage, FYI.

Highly recommend getting the uncensored “Fuck You” by Cee-Lo.

Misery - The Bodeans

Thousand Miles from Nowhere - Dwight Yoakam

Dead Flowers - The Rolling Stones

You’re the One - Dwight Yoakam

Your Cheatin’ Heart - Hank Williams

Ok, more…Don’t know your preferred subset of music, so there are a lot of types here.



Ain’t No Sunshine

Of course I meant the Rolling Stones song (as a companion to “Under My Thumb”), not the similarly titled Garbage one.

The King Is Gone - George Jones

Not exactly misogynistic, but a great “my woman done left me” drinking song.

Positively 4th Street Bob Dylan

Housewife Dr Dre

Run For Your Life The Beatles

Nowhere Girl B Movie


Friends in Low Places

Positively 4th Street

Train in Vain

More to come…


Perfered genre varies since each guy brings his own stuff, but its mostly metal/hard/classic rock. One guys brings some country, another is into new alternative.

Good one, and speaking of The Clash,

Should I Stay or Should I Go? - The Clash
(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone - The Monkees

Ah, duh. :smack: I like the one by Garbage, but it’s sung by a woman and addressed to one. It’s not bad for this purpose though, in that the lyrics chastise the woman for being a fake and repeating stuff like “all you had, you wasted.”

“woman be my slave” by Manowar
“99 problems” by JayZ
“the lapdance is so much better when the stripper is crying” by The bloodhound gang

Heart-Shaped Box

Used to Love Her

OK, I’ve got a date tonight, these are getting me in the…wrong mood.

Would this date be with…dun dun DUN!!! girl? :smiley:

BTW, I love finding music for people, and will be back with more. Just going through my own music atm :slight_smile:

Burn Your Playhouse Down. by George Jones (or The Proclaimers). BTW, WTF is up with this song?:eek:

Nah. Just some random anthropologist. I’m still trying to calm my waiter friend down.

“Piss up a rope”