Help me make my Daytona 2003 SummerSkank mix CD!

So here’s the story - having realized that our misspent youth is on the verge of being behind us and we haven’t really done anything horridly tacky in it, my friends and I decided to hit Daytona for Spring Break this year. Yes, as graduate students. Yes, I realize I’m going to be hit on and thrown up upon by a bunch of 18 year old frat boys. We’ll have a good time. Plus, there’s a Sir Mix-a-lot concert!

So, obviously we’ve got to have something appropriate to listen to. I keep trying to make a mix cd for this occasion, and I keep making “another gay club pop dance cd” or “another shake your ass hip hop cd”. Some of both of which is appropriate for SummerSkank, but they’re not really the tone I’m looking for.

I’m thinking like a “Cruel Summer” remix, “Because I Got High” sort of thing. Maybe with a little “Funky Cold Medina” for spice. But I have to avoid things I already have on other cds, because we got a lot of playtime to fill up here. I want some classic crap and some current crap. Any ideas?

Oh, and on the gay club pop dance front - trust me, got it covered. :slight_smile: