Is there a modern equivalent to "I made you a mix tape"?

What would it be? What do teens / young adults today do that might be the equivalent of what used to be making a mix tape… the gesture of “here’s a bunch of songs I thought you might enjoy and show that I pay attention to your interests and also kinda like you but didn’t want to give you a huge expensive present”.

I don’t think “Here’s a flash drive full of mp3s” or “I created this ipod playlist for you” has the same sentiment to it? I guess you could create a YouTube channel for someone and drop some videos in it?

A bit weird asking what kids today do being 31, but anyway there it is.

Burn some songs to a CD?

Nobody uses CDs any more.

“I’m sending you a bunch of Youtube links of songs I find very good but which you’re probably not too keen on but will feign interest in anyway, and I will seize on your politeness and send you even more links.”

This. The songs are then instantly downloaded to an MP3 player, but it’s the thought that counts.

To a generation raised on iPods and flash drives and MP3s, I suspect it would have close to exactly the same sentiment as mix tapes did for yours. The quantity of songs given is higher, but the feelings behind them are, I suspect, pretty much the same.

Cite? Last I looked, cars are still being produced with CD players built in.

i thought it was more instant than that - any song the other party liked would be bluetoothed immediately over to the other person’s phone.

Ah, but then it becomes just a bunch of tracks, right, shuffled in with whatever else the person has?

Do kids today even have the concept of composing an order of related songs?

No - because they put them into a playlist.

If you really like her, buy an ipod off eBay, load it with your songs and the appropriate playlist.

Thank god the era of the mix tape is over. The ultimate act of naked desperation.

:just found out I’m a nobody:


“I squirted you a tweet with my Zune.”

"When it comes down to making out, whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV. "

We’ve been trying to give you hints for years.

I think kids today just send naked pictures of themselves on their cell phones.



We do. Hell, we still spin vinyl. And proud of it.

Really, grandpa?

<puts on side two of Physical Graffiti>