Help me make potstickers

I was recently introduced to potstickers at a delicious chinese restaraunt, and want to make some of my own. I googled, and got a bunch of different recipes, but don’t know which ones are the best. Should I use beef or pork? How big should they be? Your suggestions and recipes are much appreciated!

I saw Ming Tsai and his mother do this recipe on TV recently. Looked very tempting.

I love making potstickers. You can get premade frozen wrappers at almost any asian grocery store for a buck or two. Much easier to use. Just put your filling in the center, wet the edges, fold and seal.
I like to use ground pork as I think it tastes more authentic. Just add some chopped scallions, minced ginger, sesame oil and a little soy and mix together for your filling. If you want I can post the detailed recipe later.

I thought I had a recipe somewhere but I can’t seem to find it.

On your web searches you might want to add “gyoza” (the Japanese term) and “mandoo” or “mandu” (the Korean term). Oh! “Wontons” also.

I just made my first batch of potstickers the other day, and they came out damn tasty! I used Alton Brown’s recipe.

The recipe is here.

I had to use ground turkey, though, cause apparntly getting ground pork around here is impossible. I went to three different stores, and no ground pork in any of them. Two of them were 24 hours Price Choppers, one even claiming to be “super.” The third was a Sam’ Club. Although the second PC DID have a meat counter, so if I went during normal hours I could ask the butcher to grind me up some pork.

Anyways, feel free to experiment with ingredients. And remember…they are potstickers. Once you put them in the pan, don’t you dare touch them at all utul they are done…you WANT them to stick, so the bottom of the wonton gets all crispy. And don’t worry, to clean the pan of the sticky wonton residue, just deglaze with water when when the pan is still super-hot, and scrape the bottom of pan w/ a wooden spoon. Cleans better than any steel wool can.

here’s my recipe:

3-4 chopped green onions
1 pound ground pork
2 tablespoons minced ginger
1 1/2 tablespoons minced garlic
2 tablespoons thin soy sauce
3 tablespoons sesame oil
enough chicken stock to moisten filling

1 package dumpling wrappers (round)

mix all ingredients together as if you were making meatloaf.

Lay out 1 batch of wrappers. Make sure you wet them thoroughly to bring back their elasticity.
Place 1 teaspoon of filling in center of wrapper, wet fingers and run around edge of wrapper. Fold over and press tightly to seal, working from corners in to middle.

Repeat until exhausted.

What’s in that soy-scallion sauce they usually serve it with? Soy and scallions? Other stuff?

The sauce is soy and vinegar, plus maybe some scallions and/or chili oil (if you want spicy).

One thing my wife does when she makes potstickers, in the cooking phase: bring the potstickers to a boil, then add enough cool water to stop the boil. Bring to a boil again. Repeat three times, then they’re done. You can then pan fry or not, depending on your wont.

BTW, the potstickers and sauce sold at Costco is very good, when you need some potstickers but don’t feel like going through the trouble of making them yourself. About $9 for a 60 count bag.

I forgot, this sauce needs a little sugar to taste right. I’d probably go a TBSPN of sugar to 1/4 cup of soy to 1/8 cup of vinegar, roughly. I do it to taste, so not quite sure on the proportions.

I’d use ground beef instead of ground turkey. Ground pork is full of fat so it’s yummy, but ground turkey lean so it’s not going to be much of a substitute. (to me)

The boiled kind aren’t strictly potstickers but are still delicious. In mandarin, the boiled kind are jiao zi and the potsticker type is guo tie.

Personally, I think the secret to a good dipping sauce is 3 drops of sesame seed oil. A tiny bit really adds complexity to the dish.

And even the best store-bought wonton wrappers simply don’t compare to home-made. It’s a hassle to make and I usually don’t do it but when I do, it’s ooh so good.

I dip my pot stickers in basalmic vinegar. It’s really good.

You can also buy a potsticker or gyoza mold in most Japanese or Chines food stores. Might be easier to make the pot stickers if you’re not used to doing so by hand.

veggie ones need to use bean thread vermicelli and frozen spinach.

I don’t think my grocery store has round wonton wrappers. THey have bigger square ones. If I were to cut out the wrappers by hand, how big should they be?