I'm not normal...

So, am eating pot stickers as a late night snack, topped with Worcestershire sauce. It was only tonight that I realized, nobody else on the planet does this.


Seriously? It may not be the most common late night snack on the planet but it’s not that unusual. You want to be a unique snowflake, start adding mayonaise and chocolate syrup to your pot stickers.

Mayo and pot stickers is actually quite good.

WTF are pot stickers?

Chinese style dumplings, filled with pork and cabbage and deliciousness.

Worcestershire sauce, sometimes diluted with vinegar, is a common substitute for Chinese black vinegar, which is the basis for pot sticker dipping sauces.

So what you are doing is possibly not unique.

Normal is a setting on the washing machine.

Crawlspace, potsickers are awesome, is what they is.

Yeah you are.


Now shut up, go read my blog, and THEN tell me you’re not normal!

You’re a great guy, Trav! :slight_smile:


I would just mix soy sauce and vinegar if I didn’t have regular gyoza/potsticker dipping sauce available.

I made gyoza from scratch last week with my preschool class! Delicious!

We love these at our house. We buy them frozen (Chinese Dumplings they call them).
They come with a sticky, sweet, shoju flavoured dipping sauce which I discard.
I make one with fish sauce, lime juice, finely chopped chilis and a bit of brown sugar. Heaven.

Wrong. My wife does. As do I, if she has leftovers.



So I guess it’s not so strange.


I recommend adding a few drops of sesame oil as well.

I once ate ice cream with sardines

Bonus points if you know where that’s from!

Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street liked those…

He must have gotten it from the same place I did, on I Love Lucy. Lucy was pregnant and had some weird cravings, and this was one of the things she made Ricky get at like 3 in the morning


My old man used to serve us toast and peanut butter whenever he cooked chili con carne. We’d dip the peanut-buttered toast into the chili. It was good.

Potstickers are also known as: mandoo, gyoza, dimsum, won ton, or won dung. Rather amusing name for those of us who grew up with the other names, as they don’t actually stick to the pot unless you’re doing it wrong.

The main ingredient in Worcestershire sauce is anchovies, so that’s not unusual in Asian cuisine.

My wife and I make boxty (an Irish potato pancake) we cut them into 3 inch rounds. Then slather them with sour cream, put on a half piece of bacon and fold them in half like little Irish tacos. We’ve now passed this on to our two year old. It’s one of her favorite meals.