Help me name a composer

Mrs Cad blew it out of my Pandora channels.
Film score composer in a style similar to John Williams/Howard Shore
Two last names
I don’t know if he is English but his name sounds like he is.

Ralph Vaughan Williams?

James Newton Howard?

Rafe only did about six film scores. It’s not what he’s best known for.

Seconded. Extremely prolific.

Jerry Goldsmith?
James Horner?
John Barry?
Ron Grainer?

Name a composer? A German name beginning with “B” seems popular, but don’t use “Beethoven” because it’s a dog name.

Oh, I guess you don’t need a composer name because you’re writing a short story. Sorry.

Daniel Robert Elfman?

James Newton Howard was the first “two last names” film composer I thought of. But he’s not British, nor does his name sound particularly British.

Here are a few other possibilities to consider:

Harry Gregson-Williams
Rupert Gregson-Williams (Harry’s brother)
Richard Rodney Bennett
Nick Glennie-Smith
Ralph Vaughan Williams