Help me name my baby parrotlet

Female, green, three weeks old.

My last parrotlet never really got named; I tried a few, but always just called him “bird.” So I decided that was his name and called him Byrd. I’m tempted just to call her Burd or something.

My friend Matt, who’s a fellow Flannery O’Connor fan, just read her essay about Peacocks, which she bred. She referred to the chicks as pea biddies. Matt says I should call her Pea Biddy. So I’ve been trying that; calling her Pea Biddy as I’ve been syringe-feeding her tonight. But then it dawned on me: I’m going to get her a boyfriend–I gave my other parrotlet away because after I moved, and started a new job, that had very long hours, he became very stressed. In the past when he’d overgroom himself, I’d get him some new distraction: a branch, a bell, whatever; he’d spend a few days getting to know it, meanwhile forgetting to overgroom himself. This time though, the stress with the move, him moving with me when I couchsurfed, the new job–I couldn’t stand to see him continue to overgroom himself. So I gave him to a friend who had several birds. He’s happy there.

So anyway, things are a little more settled, and I just really miss having some little noisemaking creature around the place. So I found a local breeder with several broods hatching right now. I’m going to pick up a male blue parrotlet from her in a couple weeks. So they won’t get lonely when I’m working late.

Point is, calling her Pea Biddy, it suddenly dawned on me that that would make him, when I get him . . . P. Diddy. And I can’t have that.

So I’ve been calling her Kitty. The contrarian obfuscatrist in me has always gotten a kick out of naming an animal the “wrong” animal name. I once had a dog named Rooster, which tickle me no end, although other people not so much.

But Kitty just seems like such an old WASP-lady name. Doesn’t feel right.

Any suggestions?

I’d think that the he-version of Pea Biddy would be Pea Buddy.

Or you could just call them Spot and Rex.

How are we supposed to name her if you don’t show us her picture?

Ha. Well, a baby parrotlet looks like a three-inch Tyrannosaurus rex, so I’m actually closer to that than you might think. Maybe Allos. And then her boy friend could be Rex.

Yeah, sorry, I lost my phone chip, and my camera’s charging cord got lost in the move. I’ll try to get something up soon.

Above is from a Google search, but it’ll suffice; that’s pretty much what she looks like now. Doesn’t that picture look like, if it had sound, it would be all “RAAWWWRRR!”

Name her Tyra?

Hercule Poirot


Terry. (Paleontologist joke, I suppose.)
Drumstick. Then the mate can be Wing.

I’m sorry, my suggestion was awful, given your pet history. I didn’t even know that a parrotlet was a real bird (I thought you were just emphasizing that it was a baby parrot). Now that I’ve seen some pictures on the web, they are cute birds. I don’t have any good name suggestions but just wanted to say ‘good luck with them!’

From the looks of her you could call her Ragamuffin, but I suspect she’ll look more elegant once all her feathers grow in.

My suggestions, then, would be Monster in a Box, or Sadie (I named one of my cockatiels Sadie and she doesn’t seem to mind.)

If she and her mate breed, be sure to send me one of the babies!

When I had a pair of Parrotletts the cock was bonaparte (he earned the name the hard way, by picking a fight with a quaker parrot who was about 6 times his size the first chance he got) and the hen was josephine.

I can remember reading about several who were named after dinosaurs, as you suggest. The “big bird” attitude and the green color bring dinosaurs to mind (and, of course, birds apparently ARE theropod dinosaurs, for all practical purposes).

Keep us updated on the little tyrant!

Another vote for P. Diddy.

Looks like a Peanut. Or P-Nut. Alternatively, PeeNut.

For some reason, I feel that all parrots should have Spanish names. How about Guapa or Bella?

I’m currently leaning in the direction of naming her Condoleezza Spice.

Or Cher.

Or Chastity Boner.

My sister just named hers ‘Brat’ after 6 months of being unable to come up with any other name.
She is still living up to her name.

Just don’t call him John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

That’s my name.

I like the Chastity Boner choice.
Here’s my current bird story. This is the 4th cockatiel I’ve owned. I got him when he was about 5 weeks old, and there is no way to tell at that age the sex of the bird without a DNA blood test. I wanted to know, male or female. If the bird was female, I would keep aware of egg-laying as with 2 other females I had. Male, I would try to teach him to talk. The males I’ve had talked, the females did not.
I named the bird BOBBY for my late father. I figured I would change the spelling to BOBBIE if the $45 blood test showed the bird to be female. The vet said the results would take 4-5 weeks.
I would say “Here’s for my pretty bird,” when I would feed and water the bird, and after 2 weeks, he started repeating things back to me! A male.
He says, " Come here bird, pretty, bird, look at that pretty bird," and my favorite, “Pretty pretty bird bird.”
My business manager, who also does cat care, taught him to say, “Pussycat.”
He whistles too, but he also hollers very loud. When I’m recording with microphones, I cover him up so he will nap.

I like the silly birds. You don’t have to walk a bird in the snow. BUT, I don’t watch Jurassic Park or The Birds with him in the room. Too much temptation for him to resort to old behavior.
Enjoy your new dinosaur!