Help me out, Texas dopers!

From July 20-22, we are going on vacation. We’re driving to San Antonio and cannot decide what to do. We are considering three options:
1)Schlitterbahn in nearby San Marcos
2)Fiesta Texas
3)Sea World

Now neither of us have been to any of these places in a very very long time.

Which do you think we should do? We’re driving up Sun and coming back on Tues so we only have ONE day to do anything at all. :slight_smile:


Schlitterbahn, it’s already too hot to enjoy the other two.

Well, we’ve been considering going to Schlitterbahn, only CG is rather set on going to like Fiesta Texas or something I think. I dunno, we’ve not figured it out yet.

Besides, Abby–we’re REAL Texans. We can take the heat!:smiley:

I’m confused. Don’t you already have a thread about this?

D’oh!:smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack:
Mods–can you delete T HIS thread whilst keeping the other intact?

I am so stupid sometimes.:smack: :smack:


Go to Schlitterbahn. There are Sea Worlds and Six Flags’s everywhere.

By the way, Schlitterbahn isn’t in San Marcos. It’s in New Braunfels. :smack: If you’re driving around San Marcos looking for it, you might find your day ruined.