Help me pick a new hairstyle

I have a grown out pixie too. I love it and it is easy. I had very thick layered hair that was about the OP’s length. I get it cut about every 6 weeks and get highlights about twice a year. I have all kinds of cool goo and styling stuff so I can go from work hair to night out hair. I have a small curling iron and use a baby flat iron on my bangs.

I have this goo that you rub in your hands and place on the hair and then I can style it with my fingers. The first time I used it I felt like I was sticking my hand in a jar of honey. It has that consistency, but it doesn’t feel at all sticky on my hair. I’m having fun with it.

I will try and find a pic of what it looks like most days. Everyone compliments me on it and they say it brings out my face. Men seem to like it too.

This is a short video on styling a “Grown Out Pixie”. Mine is a little longer and the same color.

Post pictures when you get it done so we can see before and after! I like the cut that Surly Chick linked to, without the hair in the eyes.

Please don’t mention that picture and “eyes” in the same sentence. You’re giving me nightmares!

For some reason, I’m dying to know what the OP decides to do here.

I’m planning on doing a grown-out pixie. I think that’s what I did last time I got my hair cut REALLY short and it looked cut. Haircut’s tomorrow and I can’t wait. My hair is driving me nuts (it’s about an inch past my shoulders and it’s tangling really easily and it’s a pain to wash because it’s so thick) (I know, it’s not that long, stop whining.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, I LOVE the way your hair used to look!

I must know what this is.

:smiley: I got it from a comic book. Seriously.

the inspiration. me


No, You didn’t… :eek: You Did! It looks like your hairdresser ran out on you before she finished! I like what she started but you have to come up on the length in front. You can have the front cut to frame your face with a bit of length at the chin but it is not symmetrical at all. Did you give your mother a heart attack?

You need a first rate salon to start. I’m talking Edward Scissorhands. You stay out of it and let them cut you according to your face. We all can’t get away with the Lady Ga Ga look of the day. You want something you can where to work or out at night. You want men falling at your feet drooling over your coiffured locks.

I’m not being mean but you need to finish this look off. Also you need to go to Bausch and Lomb and try on some glasses or get contacts. Take their advice. A real woman doesn’t hide behind hair or glasses. You need to accentuate the positive and eliminate the silliness.

We are all here to help you along with your make over. Get back to a great Salon and let them finish.

Aaaaaaand boom goes the dynamite.

I will leave a link but they have the whole line at Kohl’s. My salon uses Alterna Hemp wax but I prefer the feel of of Short Sexy Hair’s quick change balm. It is not greasy or sticky like the over the counter brands.

Hell, there’s hair putty at Target that I get. Then again, I’m a dude.

Well. That website had me up way too late last night.

No, no no no no. This is my OLD hairstyle, the supposed ‘dorky’ one. That picture is from two years ago. My haircut is today at three.

Well thats good! You scared me there for a bit. Good luck dear and I can’t wait to see it. Im off to a show but I’ll check in later. I’m going to see a martial arts group that plays the drums…:confused: My friends talked me into it. It is probably going to give me a massive headache, hopefully one of them will be hot…:cool:

Good lord this has been an entertaing thread. I am trying to do the quiet laugh at work and I’m about to give myself a stroke.

I just recently got my hair cut. It’s above my shoulders with long layers and side-swept bangs. This was the picture I took to my hairstylist. I love it, although it seems like it grows out quickly. My hair was mid-back length, so this has been much easier for me to do in the mornings.

I love make-overs, so post your new 'do when you can!

Here’s what my hair looked like the day before.

And now. And a wider shot. (Sorry about the slight blurriness. I didn’t want to bother with the timer.)

(The pics are on Facebook, but you shouldn’t need to be logged in to see them.)

Very cute! That haircut is screamin’ for some funky awesome sauce glasses. You could totally pull off some crazy frames with it.

I like it! I also think new frames are a good idea, but don’t go too crazy if you want to be taken seriously.

Just for fun, these’d be worth looking at (style wise):