Help me pick a new hairstyle

At the moment it’s ‘look! I haven’t cut my hair in six months!’, in other words, none. Previously I had a very basic bob. Before that I had a modified weirdo bob that only I and kids thought was cool.

Anyway, I have no idea what to do and thus I’m turning to you, all my internet friends.

What I want:

  1. I tend to look very young looking (my face has hardly changed since high school). I’d like something that makes me look a little more mature, if possible, or at least doesn’t make me look any younger.

  2. I want something short. The shorter the better really (within reason). The very longest I would want it is to my ears.

  3. I need something low maintenance. I’ll be honest, all I do to my hair is brush it and wash it, and that’s not likely to change.

  4. I tend to not get my hair cut very often (I’m poor, first of all, and I don’t enjoy getting my hair cut because I can’t see what’s going on.)

So any suggestions are welcome.

This is what my hair looks like currently. It’s long enough that I’m keeping it up because otherwise it drives me nuts.

This is what my hair looked like for years and years. I thought it was cute. My mom and most of my adult friends thought it was dorky. Last year I cut off the front ‘bangs’, but the rest was almost shoulder-length by that point. (I have some pictures, but the cute thing in it is the cat, so…)

Have you had super-short hair before? I think your face and your hair texture are both very well suited for it.

This is a hairstyle search engine thing I’ve used several times, and almost always for short cuts:

You’d look great with any of these:

I’m a brush & go gal too, but I’ve found that really short styles look best with a little goop/product for definition and hold. Like a hair wax or texture creme.

To be honest with you, I don’t think you look very young. Maybe it’s just the photos, but you look like you are in your 20s to me. (Which I believe you are. :slight_smile: )

Whenever I want a hairstyle change I just go to my stylist and ask for advice. We go through a bunch of pictures and discuss some possibilities.

You could try a bob that stops around your jawline. From your photos it seems that your face is long rather than round (mine is the opposite). If you get a very short cut, it could make your face look even longer. A bob that ends at your chin or a little above, slight shorter at the back, might work better.

Longish bangs swept to one side might suit you as well.

I would avoid pigtails in general - I have to agree with your friends that they tend to look dorky. Or they may make you look like you’re trying to look young.

PS - I agree with foxymoron that super short hair might suit you as well, but not in a bob style. More a boyish cut. I’d urge you to try curls as well, as they really suit long faces, but they do take a minimum of fussing with.

I’m a big fan of Whenever I’ve been in a “I need a new look!!” mood, I’ve signed up for a 3-month subscription. It helps me narrow down my choices. I take them to my stylist, who has then assesses what I’ve chosen in regard to the reality of my hair type and how much time (i.e., damned little) I’m willing to commit. Well worth the money, IMO.

There are other “try on virtual hair” sites out there. Some will give you access to a limited number of styles for free.

Here are some short styles for 2010 to look through.
Good Luck!

I had it short enough to just finger comb about five years ago. Unfortunately I don’t have any pics. I’d spike it with a bit of goop (I don’t remember precisely what I used…) I remember really liking it.

Those look nice.

I usually go to Fantastic Sams or something like that (again, I’m poor… and frugal cough cheap cough), but this time I’m going to my mom’s stylist who has cut her prices, so I should be able to get better advice than I would otherwise.

Actually I’m nearly thirty, so… My mom insists I can pass for a high schooler, which is doubtful, but if you look at pictures of me in high school and now I look about the same.

I didn’t really have pigtails (although I sometimes do now since it keeps my hair up well). I had a bob, but instead of bangs the front was almost twice as long as the back. I have side pics and the picture I got it from if you’re interested.

Curls are out - my hair is really heavy and, besides not liking to be styled, tangles easily.

I don’t think the super-short-all-over ones will look good. You need some volume up top to balance the shape of your face.

What about a ‘Grown out pixie’? That is the name of a short style that you can put behind you ears or wear forward and it would really show your face. I think you have the face for this style.

“Short” and “don’t go for haircuts often” don’t really work together, IMO. I’ve had short hair before, and to keep it looking its best, I needed to go in every 6 or 8 weeks for a trim.

I think this onewould look good on you but with the bangs a bit shorter. I can imagine them being annoying that long.

Nice Cut! The one below that Surley Chick put up. I agree on shorter bangs.

I agree with others that you can’t go short and not get haircuts often. You’ll need to go at least every 2 months.

I’d get something short and choppy, so you can mostly just wash and go, with a bit of styling goop (pomade, wax, whatever) just smudged all in and mussed up. That way it’s a style without being A Hair Style, know what I mean?

And this isn’t about the hairstyle, so please please please don’t get offended or mad, but you said that you want to look more mature. The next time you get new glasses, I’d strongly advise you to get a new frame; the ones that you have are probably a very big reason why you look younger than you are. They are very young looking to me.

Jesus Fuck, what’s wrong with her eyes?
As for the OP, you might want to consider just layering and thinning out what you have and leave it at that. Short hair actually requires styling, they generally aren’t wash and wear. They also tend to need trims every 6-8 weeks or so or they can end up looking mullet-ish as they grow out.

The cut in Jesus-God-Help-Me-Those-eyes picture is pretty close to what I am thinking of, but maybe a tad longer. If you don’t really want to mess with your hair, I wouldn’t recommend anything as short as a pixie.

Considering I’ve had these frames since high school, yeah, it’s probably about time to get new ones. It’ll hurt though; they’re a big part of my mental self image (of course, so was my dorky hairstyle, so I guess my self image will just have to change).

As far as short haircuts and growing out, I’m planning on going more often. I’ll be getting out of school soon and hopefully will have money to go more often.

I have the “Grown Out Pixie” and it works for me. I have thin hair, so I wash it, put some mousse in it. Blow it dry to make it stick out a little and then add styling paste to keep it stuck out. It really only takes 5-10 minutes to “do”.

I like this one. It looks pretty easy to deal with. Not flat-ironed within a inch of it’s life. You may be able to pomade it and dry it and go.

And it doesn’t have freaky eyes.

That and a funky pair of glasses like these would really fit that funky sense of style you’re missing from your old cut. You may hate those glasses, but they seem to say “you” from what little bit of your personality I can get from your posts and pictures of your old cut. If you hate them, I’m sure you can find something more to your taste from that website. :slight_smile:

While a pixie cut may work with your face, it generally needs very feminine clothes and make-up, or it becomes mannish very quickly. You seem to prefer high-necked loose fitting stuff, so I would go for a little longer hair.

Also, have your played around with make-up? Ask a friend or a make-up artist in a store for some tips.

I love how this is turning into a general makeover thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I don’t dress especially feminine very often and while I have makeup, I don’t tend to wear it.

I have a hair appointment for this week, so I’ll let you all know.


That there is definitely a contender for Photoshop Disasters.

Yes, I definitely agree that glasses with a bold frame and a horizontal emphasis would look very good. Again, they’d balance the shape of your face.

Also, if you got a pair of glasses in a funky color, you’d be a lot less likely too look “mannish” and would probably suit your personality. My friend has a pair similar to the ones above but in turquoise, and they’re awesome.

Wait a minute…why aren’t you wearing cat-eye shaped glasses? You, of all people, should be wearing cat-eye glasses!