Help me pick a hairstyle

I have been wanting to get a drastic haircut for a while now and just joined one of those virtual hairstyle websites to give me some ideas. So now I have some options and who better to ask for an opinion than random strangers on the internet?

My hair is currently a few inches below my shoulders and not doing a thing for me right now. It’s poker straight and I completly lack the hairstyling gene. Most days I just put it in a ponytail. To top it off my 6 month old son thinks that hair pulling is the best thing ever, so I want to go short. Here are some options, let me know what you think.

Here is the original photo for reference.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4

The hairpuller.

I like option number four. It’s fresh without being overly trendy. Long bangs would just be another temptation for the hair puller and the asymmetrical styles need a lot of upkeep and frequent trims to keep them from devolving into a shaggy mess. Most moms of six-month-olds don’t have a lot of time to keep running to the hairdresser. Besides, it looks very cute on you!

Option 4 is actually really close to what I had when I first met my husband. He thinks it makes me look younger, but it might just be that he is remembering me from way back when.

I really like Option 1. No contest. I don’t know why exactly, but I think it’s far and away the prettiest cut.

I did have a hairdresser tell me once that because one eyebrow is higher than the other, having a side part that covers one will help my face seem more symetrical.

I like four best as well. Two is (appropriately) my second choice.

Good luck! I love when women try new looks. I hate those ladies who chose a hairstyle when they’re 16 and never change it.

I really like Option 1. Please don’t get #2, it looks…homeless/stripper to me.

Cute hair puller.

There seems to be a tie, anyone else care to chime in?

I agree with either 1 or 4 but I think I prefer 4 because it doesn’t hide quite so much of your face. You really have a nicely shaped face I think. Also, have you thought of either lightening your hair or putting in some streaks/tips? If it was short I think some lighter colors would be good for you too.

I’d go for option #1.

Another vote for #1!

3 or 4. If we’re tie breaking, then 4.

I don’t like 2. All the others are fine.

I’m odd Internet stranger out, apparently. I like #2 best - it seems the most feminine of the bunch, to me.
What about a bob style? Those cuts are great for straight hair & require minimal upkeep & styling.

CAUTION: Option 1 has a file called “4”. The others don’t line up either.

That being said, I like Option 1, file 4, with Option 4, file null being the runner-up. This counts as two votes, as my office mate concurs.

Oh, but dye it red.

Option 4


Have you considered long, straight bangs? Talk to the hairdresser and see what she thinks, she’ll be able to guide you. But you have a high forehead (I do too!), and since your hair is so straight, I think straight bangs would really work for you. And it would solve your eyebrow asymmetry, and highlight your eyes (which are really striking btw).

Something like this maybe? Or this? Or that?

option 1. very cute.

I like option 4, especially for someone like you with zero time to screw around with those long bangs - you will need to blow dry them or straight iron them or both. Number 4 is wash and go, and cute. My first thought when I saw #1 was “boy” then “Justin Bieber” so no, and #2 is also too much maintenance - it will never look like that in real life without a straight iron and some product. #3 is cute if you want to do something a little longer than #4.

Make sure you update this thread with a pic of the final product