What do you think, should I get a pixie cut?

The recent thread about short hair on women got me thinking about mine. I had pixie cuts intermittently between the ages of about 15 and 22 and loved them. I’m 33 - nearly 34 now - and my hair’s not changed much in the last few years, generally variations on a layered bob. At the moment it hits my shoulders, and is pretty low-maintenance. I wash and condition about twice a week, and style it with a hot brush, which takes about 20 minutes. When I’m really pushed for time I just run some serum through it and leave it, but it tends to dry a bit limp and fluffy when I do that - there’s a lot of it, but it’s very fine, and has a lot of natural wave.

I have a 6 month old daughter now, and most days even that level of maintenance is beyond me, so there’s something attractive about being able to just wash and go, and I know it used to suit me. But I’m older now, and a bit bigger (not huge - I was maybe a US size 8 then, and I’m a 10 now, but everything was firmer and more in proportion pre baby!) and I don’t have time to put on make up most days, so I’m worried that a combination of those factors will make me look older and fatter and like I’ve stopped caring.

I don’t have any pictures of me with a pixie cut, as that was pre-digital camera, but here are some recent ones of hairstyles I’ve had lately:

As it is now.

Longest it’s been recently.

And the shortest.

I’m not generally precious about my hair - it’s hair, it grows - and I’m happily married to a man who doesn’t mind what I do with my hair, so the contingent of men who will find me less attractive with short hair bothers me not at all. But I would hate to look dowdy and mumsy, even though I am one.

Humble opinions?

You have great big eyes, gorgeous smile, high cheekbones, and beautiful, feminine features. A pixie looks best on your kind of face!

Can you post a few more pictures, so I can get a better idea? I’d say, 20-30 ought to do it.

I like how it looks in the “shortest” picture. How much effort did it take to make it look good then?

Yep, when I looked at your picture, I was like, “Well, she certainly has the face to pull it off!” If you don’t want it to look too “I’ve run out of fucks to give”, get a *slightly *longer cut with a little shape to it, perhaps with a little volume above your ears and on the back of your head, and some wisps at your sideburns and on the nape of your neck. Then, it’s clear that you didn’t just buzz it all off.

My one word of caution, having had pixie cuts in the past, is that they start looking shaggy and unkempt really quickly. If you want to keep it looking cute, you’ll have to get a trim every few weeks. And as a mom of a toddler, I know scheduling things like that can be a pain (which is exactly why my hair is currently past my shoulders and still growing). But if you can swing it, even better - it will give you an excuse to have a little you-time on a regular basis.

I think of a pixie as an old lady’s cut, and I’m an old lady. I’d tilt towards maybe a blunt-cut bob for you, but:

Ask your stylist – s/he is the hair expert. :cool:

I say go for it, I think it will look great and your face is well suited for it. Caveat, I am a guy with little fashion sense.


I like longer, but you look fine either way.

I’m biased against short hair, but I say the “as it is now” cut is the nicest, and it suits you.

I personally like your longest hair pic because it makes your head a little more elliptical as opposed to round with a pixie cut. But, I am just one man with one opinion…but you do look great in all 3 photos.

OK two things…

A) DAMN you’re cute!

B) You look very attractive with short hair, and even if you don’t like it it’ll grow out (but I think it’ll look great)!

I like the long look but I’m an aging hippie.

I agree that the current look suits you, but I also like pixie cuts, and I think one would still work fine for you. (Disclosure–I’m the sort who mostly cares that my hair is kept out of my eyes, and otherwise is as maintenance-free as possible. That may introduce some bias.)

Get a Louise Brooks Bob.


if you want to try it, go for it. I would agree the shorter the hair the more often you need it have a trim but you have a very cute face and will look mahvelous!!:slight_smile:

Bless you all for the kind comments, you’ve brought a smile to my sleep-deprived face!

Interestingly, of all the cuts I’ve had recently, the shortest one took the most styling, because at that length the long, heavy fringe (bangs) required straightening irons to keep it in check, hence why this time I’d like to go a lot shorter. I quite like the first and sixth styles on Google images. I can see why some people might see a pixie cut as an older woman’s cut (as it looks awesome on Judi Dench) but they both seem quite young and funky. Although does the use of the phrase “young and funky” immediately mark me as too old for them?!

And yes, I will talk to my stylist, but both of the ones I’ve been to lately have been dead against cutting it any shorter, which I guess should tell me something!

I would love to, I love that look, but my hair has too much wave, I’d be permanently attached to my straightening irons.

My daughter seems to have inherited her father’s dead-straight hair, maybe I can live the Louise-Brooks-bob dream through her?

I adore short hair and agree you have the adorable looks to pull it off, so I say go for it. Out of the images you’ve picked, the first one looks very edgy and hip, the complete antithesis of ‘old lady hair.’ But no matter what you decide to do, you already have the right attitude… it’ll grow back and you’ll look good regardless. :slight_smile:

Can I just say, “Don’t do that.”

Unless hard-faced 1920s lesbian flapper is a look you aspire to, bobs are horrid things.

Straight guy, little fashion sense…

That said: don’t do it! You’re gorgeous with long hair. But then that’s always been my opinion.