Pixie cuts on straight women. Why God Why?!

Could someone please explain the appeal of pixie cuts on you straight women? Do their stylists REALLY think it looks attractive, and is helpful to their careers? Why would a woman VOLUNTARILY want to look “butch”?

Yep. Dykes all.

Thisis butch?

I do believe someone is about to get a trimming.

Is this a serious question?

Maybe it’s a trend. Maybe it’s because many women regardless of size look quite beautiful with short hair.

And if you feel a particular hairstyle isn’t attractive, why should anyone care? I’m sure your, mine, or anyone else’ s idea of beauty is inconsequential to what someone does to their body.

Pixie cuts don’t make women look butch at all. Are you sure you aren’t thinking of the crew-cut?

Do stylists really think about what might be helpful to a client’s career when cutting his/her hair?

I agree MMWV. To me, yeah Halle has a borderline butch cut. The person who I picture when picturing BAD pixie: Jennifer Lawrence.

I think this sums up the OP pretty well.

This reminds me of a screed, eons ago, by a Washington Post columnist who was furious that women wore comfortable shoes on the Metro. It was better for his sexual jollies if women wore high heels on the way to work, and he was unable to comprehend why women might do what THEY wanted to do instead of putting his needs for viewing high-heel-clad legs first.

He was right, of course. How DARE females meet their own needs while ignoring his?

Why do other people do things I don’t like!?!
Like, why would the OP voluntarily grow a neckbeard? Does he think it looks attractive or make him look like a grown adult?

I think I just became a lesbian.

I have a friend who did went from long hair to a pixie cut. She’s been referred to a he on more than one occasion.

In the OP’s defense, the conterarguments are always guaranteed to link to women who could wear a burlap bag full of dogshit on their heads and still make Jesus Christ climb down off the cross.

Sure! They like how they look with a pixie cut. HTH!

I’ve heard tell that people are actually able to have different preferences. It sounds totally crazy, I know! And get this: Sometimes these broads even like pixie cuts for reasons totally unrelated to their careers! I know, right??

Excellent question! We all know that pixie cuts are always 100% butch. Totally objectively. FACT.

Look at this dudely girl.

She’s toootally a diesel dyke.

Excuse me, sir, do you h— oh, my goodness, I’m sorry, ma’am. You just look so, well, masculine.

Whoa there, chica! Hope you have a great rack to balance out that hair of yours!

Interestingly, apparently women sometimes make stylistic choices based on what they personally find aesthetically appealing – these selfish ninnies don’t want to even consider the opinions of totally unknown men. What sense does that make? What other purpose do these chicks’ appearances serve? Jeez!

In addition to all the more cogent arguments-that different looks appeal ro different people, and appearing ultra feminine isn’t alreays the prime responsibility of women towards men-It’s also not like every woman can have long flowing locks if she chooses. Plenty of women have hair that grows out super thin and brittle, or limp, or bad perm frizzy.

I love pixie cuts on the right woman.

Because we don’t have to be pretty

The one that really offends my aesthetic tastes is the part buzzcut look, don’t know what it’s proper name is, as seen ruining otherwise severe hottie Natalie Dormer’s hair here.

The more valid counterargument is that unattractive pixie cuts happen no more often than any other “what was he/she thinking?!” haircut. A similar thread about guys with long “girly” hair would turn up equally good celebrity examples, rather than the greasy-haired guy missing a few teeth working the counter on a freeway gas stop at 2 a.m.