Help me pick a wrist watch

I am looking to buy a new wrist watch. I got it down to 2. They are both Jules Jurgensen watches.


Titanium Chronograph Watch

MSRP 485 Sale 99.97

    Better picture:
    Invincible Series
    MSRP 385 Sale 110.80

I like the stopwatch function on the Titanium Chronograph Watch. But I also like the day and date dials Invincible Series 5005SS.

Which would you go with?

Any problems with Juels Jurgensen watches in general?

Thank you for any help.

Of those two I prefer the second. Cleaner look to it. You might also like these watches:

Seiko Chronograph SND127

Invicta Automatic Pro Diver 9210

Swiss Army Renegade 24228

Citizen Straps AT0200

I don’t know anything about Jules Jurgensen. You should ask the forum at

Of the two you chose, I think the first one looks better. I like the color of the hands against the face.

This is the one I went with. It just arrived today. I will let you know what I think of it after I have used it for a week or so.

It depends on what you want a watch for. Do you want to know the time? Do you want to impress other people? Do you want to wear it diving? Do you want to time horse races? Etc. If all you want to do is tell time, you can go to a CVS drugstore and for about $15 buy an attractive watch that tells time more accurately than a Rolex.