Help me pick my next Binge Watch

I believe that is Hit & Miss.

We loved US House of Cards - we just watched UK House of Cards, and it was good, but I preferred the US version.

That’s it!

I appreciate this thread - I’m just finishing the final season of The Wire myself and this thread has given me some ideas.

Of the ones mentioned that I’ve already seen, I’d recommend Battlestar Galactica. Also, to toss another one out there, Arrested Development if you’ve never seen it. It will be a change of pace after The Wire.

For all- what about The Good Wife? It seems to get a lot of buzz. Or is it too soap opera-y?



I’m enjoying True Detective on HBO right now. Definitely not your typical police procedural. It has a very dark philosophical tone. It’s more of a mini-binge, with the 8 episode first season complete. I understand it’s an anthology series, so the current story wraps up this season, the next season begins a new story with different characters.

Nthing House of Cards, very enjoyable and addictive binge-watch.

I know you said no 1/2 hour shows, but Portlandia, with at least the first 3 seasons on Netflix, is amusing. it makes a nice palate cleanser if you’ve been binging on several episodes of some dark drama series, it’s late so you don’t want to commit to one more hour but you’re not tired yet, and want to watch a little something lighter. Season 2 episode 2 has a pretty funny sketch about binge-watching if you want to get meta. it makes a good entry point (there’s not much of an ongoing story line to Portlandia, it’s more a series of sketches).

Definitely watch Suits. You can play the “Spot the Toronto things in the background” game. :smiley:

Breaking Bad goes without saying.

My husband and I are working on True Detective right now.

I absolutely love The Good Wife and in fact logged in here to suggest it. It is extremely well written, and I think all the court cases are very topical to current events (there are episodes where a Google expy is brought to court, legal ramifications of NSA wire taps, etc.)
The soap opera-ness is toned down a lot, and only serve as a background for the lawsuits.

I highly recommend it, but some friends that I recommended it to said they had trouble getting into it.

I am going to second Arrested Development.

It goes against your “no half-hour comedies” preference, but it really is a must watch, and it has so many call-backs / references that it really lends itself to binge-watching.


Damien Lewis as an wrongly-convicted cop who returns to duty with a Zen attitude.

Chuck is a full hour comedy and had quite the following here on SDMB.

Say no more.
Person of Interest.

Did/do you watch The League? As a fantasy football player you’ll get a lot out of it.

I just bought the first two seasons of this and I’ve only watched the first two episodes thus far. Will someone please reassure me that it gets better?

It’s not the worst thing I’ve seen, but it’s also not living up to all of the accolades yet. After two episodes, I would sum it up as “A Tale of the Bumblings of the Stupid and the Colossally Stupid”. Seriously, the high school dropout character seems at dire risk of forgetting to draw his next breath.

It’s consistently amazing. If you didn’t like the first two seasons, your opinion is unlikely to change. Jesse gets less dumb once he mostly sobers up, but the first 2 seasons are great in spite of him. The rest of the series is more of the same with higher stakes.

What is this Breaking Bad of which y’all speak?

I just finished binge-watching Six Feet Under over the course of about a month and a half. Wonderful show, and as everybody and their dog continually points out, best series finale ever. I rewatched the final ten minutes about three or four times immediately after the episode ended. Nobody’s mentioned SOA yet—have you tasted that one at all?

I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned Sons of Anarchy. I highly recommend it. I won’t spoiler anything but let’s just say don’t get too attached to the characters…

Breaking Bad is just classically great television and I loved Six Feet Under for all episodes including the Sia “Breathe” ending.

May I suggest a little known series Orphan Black? It is riveting. There’s only 10 episodes to the first season and the second season starts April 19.

Initally It’s about a woman on the grift, she’s at a train station and sees another woman acting strangely. All of a sudden the stranger stares right at her and she looks exactly like her. Then the stranger proceeds to jump infront of the train, killing herself.

The grifter sees an opportunity and grabs the purse that she’s left behind and assumes her identity. The grifter thinks she’s going to get away with a big payday, but instead she’s pulled into the dead woman’s life. It becomes even more complicated when more women show up in her life, all looking exactly like her, and someone or something wants them all dead. Turns out they are clones, but the most fascinating part of it is each clone has their own mannerisms, style and way of speaking. It’s even more amazing when you step back and realize these actresses are not twins or triplets, they are all played by the same woman.
Super cool Tatiana Muslany plays these clones, and she was the surprise nomination at the Golden Globes. (House of Cards Robin Wright won, but seriously Tatiana has amazing acting chops)

My other favorite series is Shameless about a poor dysfunctional family in Chicago. William H Macy, Joan Cusack and Emmy Rossum are stand outs.

Oh and another MUST Binge watch is the first season of The Americans. This is a great thriller show about KGB spies in America during the Reagan Adminstration.

One more for Damien Lewis fans, The Forsythe Saga is incredible. Lewis plays a downright loathesome character but in the end you have feelings for him. Beautiful British period drama.

I’m binge-watching “Veronica Mars” right now. I’ll second “Life” mentioned above. Very enjoyable show.