Help me purge my DVR

Due to an unusual amount of actual living life (I KNOW!) I find my DVR around 80% full. I’ve been taping The Killing and CHAOS but haven’t seen either yet, and I’m several weeks behind on The Event.

I’m thinking of just dumping The Event (I hear it’s gotten way too ridiculous) and I don’t know much about the other two shows – by trying to avoid spoilers I’ve avoided everything!

If anyone who is up-to-date on these shows can give me some non-spoilery advice, I’d appreciate it.

I watched the first episode or two of “The Event,” and then stopped bothering. Maybe people who watched longer are enjoying it more than I did.

You made it twice as far as I did. I got too much of a LOST-wannabe feel fromt he first episode, and just couldn’t work up any interest or energy to do that again so I canned it.

Chaos is only, what, 2 episodes in? The fiancee likes it, so we watch it.

I’ve watched the first two episodes of The Killing and the first episode of Chaos and I’m so far unimpressed with Chaos, but quite entertained by The Killing.

The Killing is very good, but it’s a slow, methodical show. (Not nearly as slow as Rubicon, though.) The entire series (or at least this first season) is going to focus on the investigation of one particular murder, which has already happened when the show started. (Each episode shows one day in the investigation.) A good part of this is about the effect of the murder on the family and friends. It’s based on a Danish show from a couple of years ago that was very good and was really popular in the UK.

I’ve seen one episode of Chaos, which was OK, I guess. It’s a lightweight spy drama/comedy.