What shows clog up your DVR?

The threads on shows you like and don’t like made me think about my DVR.

As I wrote in the other thread, Spartacus started to fill it up and I finally decided to just get rid of them. On the other side of the coin, Daily Show’s tend to accumulate because I usually end up watching a bunch of them in a row.

For whatever reason, what shows tend to accumulate on your DVR?

At this moment, the following shows have seven or more episodes on the DVR:
The Vampire Diaries
Private Practice
Pan Am
Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve got a huge backlog of Charlie Rose, especially his “Brain Series.”

Craig Ferguson’s “Late Late Show.” We watch them eventually, but we usually have a couple dozen episodes to get through.

Also, my husband recorded the entire run of “Star Trek: The Original Series” years ago, and has yet to burn them onto disk and get them the hell off of our DVR.

I have about 10 episodes of Flashpoint, mainly because I didn’t realise it was on every night of the week (or every weeknight, I’ve not checked)

I have several episodes of Fringe backing up, I want to watch Fringe one after the other as it seems to be more continuing on from where we were last week this season.

Not a show, but a channel: Investigation Discovery. Criminy! Why did I ever start watching those programs!

I’ve been DVR-ing every episode of *How I Met Your Mother *since the fall; I haven’t watched a one yet.

Episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Bob Newhart Show from Me TV (a classics station). I have about 30 of each right now, and watch one or two at a time when there’s nothing else decent on.

My wife used to completely clog our DVR with episodes of Supernatural; she’d save all of the episodes from a season on the DVR, until the DVD set for that season came out the following fall. She’s now utterly disenchanted with the last two seasons of the series, and doesn’t bother saving the episodes any more.

I was a very irregular viewer of 30 Rock, even though I love it – so when it went into syndication I DVR’d everything until I got 50 shows in my queue. I’ve cut it back to 25, and I’m pretty much caught up.

I have 10 episodes of Hawaii 5-0 that I’ll probably never get around to.

I’m the same way with House. I used to save the whole season, but now if I’m not around to watch the latest episode when it’s aired, it stays on the DVR until I watch it and then it gets tossed. I didn’t even buy the DVD set for last season. Still like the show, but not nearly at the level I did a few years ago.

Ha! my 14 year old son who loves the Smurfs (for reasons I can’t quite fathom) has over 123 episodes of the Smurfs on our DVR.

Kitchen Nightmares. I’ve seen every episode a dozen times and don’t watch anymore, but they still accumulate. Same with Numb3rs.

I’ve got a bunch of episodes of NOVA, but I still watch them.

I think I have all 7 (so far) episodes of Full Metal Jousting.

A lot of PBS stuff that my wife insists she has GOT to have. They almost never get watched; some date back to 2010. I finally erased all of those interminable Akira Kurosawa movies that had my DVR groaning at 96% full. I record things like Justified and other series that come on later, but then watch them and delete them.

Probably Masterpiece on PBS has the most. It records all of them, whether I want duplicates or not, and I have to be in the right mood to settle into Downton Abbey or Inspector Lewis, so they sit around.

One time I was on vacation and had a TNG recording set, and they had a TNG marathon and they filled the damn thing up while I was gone. I missed a bunch of shit that I had to go seek out.

Family Guy off of Adult Swim and occasionally first runs from Fox. I should have learned by now that there haven’t been any good eps for years.

Similarly, I have my Tivo set to record anything called “Treehouse of Horror”, in the vain hope that it’ll be from the Simpsons’ first 10 (or so) seasons. It never is…it always gets deleted immediately.

Almost a year’s worth of Casualty which is now being burnt to disc to free up space, apparently.

I’m several weeks behind on Jeopardy! right now…but that’s pretty standard. I watch about three episodes each week, so I get backlogged but eventually catch up over the summer.

I’m still recording The Firm, even though I’m five or six episodes behind and likely won’t bother catching up. I’d love it if someone could edit them down to get rid of each of the meaningless “client of the week” storylines and just leave the overarching story. Then I could burn through all of them in an hour or two.

Got rid of two Craig’s today! WooHoo!