Help Me Reach my 5,000th Post. (a contest)

For posterity, I want to keep it in this thread. Let the record show that I am 30 posts away from my 5,000th as of this OP (currently at 4,970).

Let’s make this thread interesting and memorable, at least for me :wink: . You must elicit a response from me in whatever way you see fit. Be creative and provocative.

Whoever gets me to post the 5,000th post will get to decide what my custom title will read, for at least one month. You can be funny, clever or cruel…

aaaaand GO!

So do you think this will stay open that long?

If we want to insult you to elicit a response, do you think this should be move to The Pit?

I have no idea. (4,971)

Hmm… didn’t think of that. We’ll see where this goes. (4,972)

Time keeps on moving into the future. Who said that?

Well, to keep it fair, I won’t google. But I know Steve Miller had noticed that time, more or less, keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ into the future; which feels more accurate. (4,973)

It can’t have escaped your notice that post counts improve for all of us. An altruistic thread.

I spread my goodwill in all that I do. I’m just that kinda guy. (4,974)

Too bad if you and I are it. I guess sinking ships don’t appeal to just everybody.

Look behind you!

Yo! It may never happen again in our lifetimes but observe:

Help Me Reach my 5,000th Post. (a contest)
cmyk Today 01:19 PM
by Mr. Excellent
10 11
Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share (MPSIMS)

One less response than views!

Holy fucking shit! (4,975)

Nevermind - thought I saw a grue.

I looked so I must post!

I’m not so sure about that. (4,976)

[cmyk was eaten]


That post/views ratio is still holding at the time of this post.

Are you some kind of weenie?

ETA: And, 5000? What are you, some kind of piker? Paying attention to your job and family? Step it up, would you? :smiley:

I’m all kinds of weenie. And I also have one. (4,978)