Help me rebuild my Amazon wish list.

I don’t have time to Pit Amazon. Long story short, they wiped out my wish list, death to them, yadda yadda yadda. I’ve managed to recreate most of it, but I’m short a number of items, and I can’t think what they were.

Now, the reason I’m asking you guys is because of the way a lot of items end up on my wish list. Someone mentions or describes a book in CS, I think “That sounds interesting!” and add it. That would explain the memory gap, since they’re not books I’ve read before, the titles would not immediately spring to mind.

In particular, there was one about the history of vaudeville, and another about food and…society or some such that I know I heard about here not long ago. If anyone can think what they were, it would be much appreciated. If you have any other titles you’d like to recommend, that would also be appreciated. My interests, for the record, are sociology, film and tv, and cooking.

Sorry to be so vague; I’m agitated. It didn’t help that right while I was trying to rebuild the list, my cable decided to go out! It’s back now, but for a while, I was ready to claw my hair out.

I have a Segway on mine, but they don’t carry them anymore :smiley:

(and yes, it’s on there as a joke!)