Help me remember a board game

Way back in my youth, I recall playing a board that consisted moving colored marbles around a hard plastic 3-D board. It had a series of holes that constituted the path. The idea was to get all your marbles into a center dish. Along the paths were “bridges” that allowed you to take short cuts, but you had to land on them with an exact roll of the dice (possibly a Pop-O-Matic). If you landed on a competitor’s marble exactly, you sent him back to his home base. It was kinda like Aggravation.

Any clues?

Was it Sorry?

I recall a version of Sorry with a pop-up thing with dice in it, and no cards. It was basically a travel version. It had a different name, though.


Frustration had the pop-a-matic, my copy had little plastic hats instead of marbles, the hats fitted over the plastic studs that were the playing squares. It was a square plastic board with slightly cut off corners (making it a non equallateral octagon) the game was inferior to sorry except for the pop-a-matic.
Does anyone know if it is possible to get the round sorry cards? All the new coppies of the game come with boring standard shaped cards, the round cards were much more special.

Cheers, Bippy

Nope. None of these. Sorry was played with plastic pieces on a flat board. Trouble and Frustration were played with plastic peg-like pieces. This game definitley used marbles: red, white, blue, green, yellow, and either black or brown. IIRC, each player had six to move.

It sounds awfully familiar… did you try

Was it Wahoo?


Nope. The “board” stood about 2-3 inches high. The paths were concentric (although, technically, the board was not round).