Help me remember this product from the 60s and 70s...

This is driving me crazy, and my search terms are getting me nowhere with the Google.
What was the elderly drink supplement in the 60s and 70s? It’s not around anymore, pretty sure it’s been discontinued.

Johny Carson used to joke about it.

Any thought, dopers?

Something about an iron supplement?

Can’t remember but I know what you refer to.

Was it Geritol?


Curses, beaten to the punch…



Yay! First time I ever manage on the Dope to get an answer in first! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, yanceylebeef.

Geritol was the long time sponsor of Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour (odd name since it was a continuation of someone else’s earlier radio show. I haven’t heard of this stuff in years, but apparently it’s still sold. “Geritol - The cure for iron poor blood”

Not Serutan? They had a great slogan: “Spell it backwards.”

Are you sure? I remember their slogan as:
“Remember- Serutan is ‘natures’ spelled backwards.”* The point of which always escaped me.

That’s the later slogan. The point was, of course, that it was all natural – the same point plenty of brands make today.

It’s a laxitive. Rather than harsh chemicals, it’s a gentle, natural product. (fiber)

But…it’s the opposite of “natures”?!

Too bad it isn’t Vitameatavegamin

I think Gertol’s main claim to fame was as the sponsor of Twenty-One during the quiz show scandals of the 1950’s.

Gramps used a similar product: esoogaekiltihs.

“My wife, I think I’ll keep her. Thanks Gertol.”

which always reminds me of the spoof in “The Groove Tube” believe it was Jennifer Wells and IIRC which I probably don’t, Chevy Chase.

Was that Geritol? God, the '60s were a simpler time.

And if I remember correctly, the main ingrediant of Geritol used to be alcohol, at least until the '70’s. A simpler time indeed.

OK, so what the hell was Metrocal? I remember my mother and aunt drinking this stuff. Weight loss product? Too many unreplaced brain cells ago.