Help me set up my Linux jukebox, please?

As the title suggests, I have recently installed a couple of fat hard drives on an old Pentium II machine running Mandrake. I have been putting all of my sound files on that machine, and have Samba running, allowing my other machines to access the files.

After considering a few other options, I am thinking of using the Linux machine to play the sound files into a low power FM transmitter that can be received throughout the house on portable radios.

I am looking for advice and suggestions for this configuration.

Here are a few specific questions:
[ul][li]What is a good cheap sound card that will be happily accepted by Linux with a minimum of fuss? (the one on the mobo is giving me some problems).[]Any recommendations for either a text-based or a web-based jukebox app?[]Has anyone gone the lo-power FM route? Recommendations?General thoughts or suggestions?[/ul][/li]I would like this to be accessible to my wife as well, so it has to be fairly easy to use (otherwise I would happily do it all with shell scripts and the like).


Another possibility is to have a computer (possibly the current jukebox, or possibly one that has remote access to the jukebox files) hooked to your stereo. I have such a setup, running mythtv ( It also does tv, video and other services, but it has a cool jukebox, that is configured using your tv as a screen, and a remote control as the input device.

Here are some screenshots (it’s fully skinnable, but these are the defaults): Main jukebox screen, Selecting songs to play, or put into a playlist, Pretty graphics that dance while your music plays