Help me settle an argument

I made a comment to my Mom about how my sister and I don’t look much like each other. She insists it obvious that we’re siblings. Friend polls are inconclusive, as if you know is in person the mannerism similarities color the picture (and you know, knowing we’re sisters). I thought, what I need are strangers.


These picture are me and my bridesmaids at my wedding, the one at the end being all of us:

Which one of these ladies do y’all think is my sister? Is my Mom right and it’s obvious?

Number 2 is your sis.

I would say #4. There is a similarity about the mouth and nose.

Is it #2?

Even though it’s thin, the veil really isn’t helping. I’d say you’re closest to 2, 4, and 5, probably in that order. If I had to guess, I’d say your sister is number 2.

I agree. Facial bone structure and similar hair parting. (Hair parting itself is not genetic, obviously, but I’ve read that differences in facility of different parts are heritable.)

I’d go #2, with #1 as a next shot.

#6 is the least like (so she’ll probably turn out to be it!)

You can throw out your (spoilered) answer at any time, y’know.


6 still has a similar nose; 5 is least like.

2 is my guess.

2 clearly

I vote #2

Another vote for #2.

I also go with #2.

Also, damn but you got some hot friends/family members/self.


The answer:

[SPOILER]I’m sending this thread to my mother. 5 is my sister. I’m not at all related to any of the rest of them.

#2 is my best friend. You can’t tell from the way we’re standing, but she’s about 8 inches taller than me. Her mom is the same height as me, and when we all are out together, people think we’re both her daughters. I thought it was mostly a height/coloring thing. I didn’t realize people were seeing our faces as similar. Perception is funny.[/SPOILER]

Couldn’t figure out the spoiler tags.

(Also, Tristan, thanks!)

Hmm. Looks like everyone in this thread was wrong. I don’t think you look anything at all alike.

Ha. I think the one who is your sister looks the least like you. Mom is wrong.

Agreed. If there are similarities, they’re not carrying through in either of the photos.

I have not looked at any of the other replies to the thread.

I think it’s the girl in picture 1.