Help me St. Louis Blues Fan, you're my only hope

Watching tonight’s hockey game got me reminiscing about the days of my youth, in the 90s. My best pal and I would play street hockey with other people in the neighborhood, one of whom was a major St. Louis Blues fan. I remember one time in the mid-90s (I’m not exactly sure which year), his heckling us when the Blues won a big game in the playoffs, in overtime in the wee hours of the night. I thought the Blues had won the cup that year, but checking the archives, I’ve found that they never won it in the 90s. So, clearly, it wasn’t a Stanley Cup winning goal, but perhaps a series ender? I want to know the guy’s name who scored the goal, and although I know the details I’m providing are fairly vague, all I can do is offer one more: the guy had an “uncommon” name, like Guy or something.

However, having scanned old Blues’ rosters from the approximate time period, the only “Guy” I can find is named “Guy Carboneau,” and that wasn’t the guy. I’m sure I’ll know it if I hear (er, see) it, though.

So, again, the facts:
*Mid-90s playoff game which the Blues won (somewhere between 93 and 98)
*Possibly a series ender
*At least one overtime (probably multiple overtimes–the game ended very late here in the east)
*The guy had an “uncommon” name; at least one that I found rather uncommon for the Philadelphia 'burbs
Oh, and thanks!

Don’t have a hard answer for you but you might want to look at some of the Blues-Blackhawks match-ups from the first half of the 90’s. Those playoff series were always the most contentious and they played a lot of pretty epic games.

Are you positive it was the Blues?

June 10, 1996 - Uwe Krupp became the 12th player in NHL history to end the Stanley Cup Finals with an overtime tally giving the Colorado Avalanche a 1-0 win and a sweep of the Florida Panthers.

My first thought was “The Monday Night Miracle” – but that was in 1986.

Upon further review, it looks like you might be remembering the 1996 playoffs. The Blues went to overtime five times in two rounds and won a game against Detroit in OT on a goal by Igor Kravchuk.