Help me suffer less with Internet Explorer 8

So in the last week several machines at work had some serious issues as a result of Windows updates going bad, and our IT monkey has concluded it’s because of people using Firefox, and MS updates conflicting with FF. Yeah whatever.
So now we have to use IE. I downloaded it yesterday - 16mb file, installed no problem. Today Windows is downloading an 8mb patch/update for it. Marvellous. But how can I make the overall experience less sucky? For example, when I mouseover threads now, I’ve got 2-3 seconds in which to read the pop-up - and moving the mouse back over it doesn’t bring it up, I have to mouseover a different thread, and then go back. WTF.

Please help me make IE suck less. What can I customize? How do I stop it running scripts on every page (I had the noscript add-on in FF)?

Curses upon the IT monkey, curses.

I sure sucks to have an IT person of that caliber.

30 views…1 response. 29 people popped in to suggest you use Firefox, saw your dilemma, and gave up.

Sorry, though the MS site has a bunch of little help tools that seem to do as well as can be expected regarding the Office 2003 to 2007 changeover. Maybe you’ll find something there?

best of luck

Tools->Compatability View Settings->Check “Always run in Compatability View”

Does it work better in compatibility view than Excel? 'Cuz Excel is always popping up with that from time to time and it does some really weird stuff.
I’m completely unfamiliar with IE 8, anything past…ummmm 5 or 6 if I recall, since I’ve been using FF for ages, there are some sites that I’ve been going to in some recent work research that only work with IE and they seem to have weird little glitches as well, so I was just curious. Again, I know next to nothing about the recent IE versions, so have no idea if this is normal, or just my work computer being a pain in the butt.

Pretty much. As far as I can see, these kinds of ridiculous “problems” are precisely why people abandon IE in the first place. There is no fix for “features” like that.

Your IT monkey is wrong.

If it were me and I was FORCED to only use IE at work, I would consider downloading a customized hosts file that will essentially block the bad sites. It would have a similar affect as “Ad Block Plus” in FF, but you have to install the file to your system manually.

You can find more info on how to do this at this site:

I don’t believe the hosts file is accessible if you don’t have administrative access to the machine. At least, when I ran HijackThis from my limited account on XP, it complained about not being able to write to the hosts file (to fix it if malware had corrupted it).