Help me think of a theme for this year's St. Patrick's Day Parade

There is strife over the theme that was voted in–“It’s not easy being green”… many of us feel that it’s A) stupid and B) focuses on the negative aspects of Irish history and of course C) rips on the Children’s Television Workshop.

So there is bickering of the most childish sort going on, with people saying they hate the theme (which was voted on already) and people attacking the people who say they hate the theme, but no one has suggested a good alternative and nothing will change if there isn’t a better one suggested.

And so I thought… I potentially have the ear of thousands of creative, intelligent people… I’ll ask THEM!

And so I ask… can you think of a good theme?

The 2003 theme was “Children of Ireland - Forever Connected”
The 2002 theme was something about Irish heritage but I don’t remember what.
The site for the parade and festival is here:

How about peace? Unionist and Nationalist united under the Good Friday Agreement (of course this requires a wee bit of movement politically but you never know, this might have happened by next year).

Or you could just do shamrocks and leprechauns! :wink:

How about the “Let me explain to you for the eight thousandth time the difference between the British Isles and Great Britain!” parade?

You could always turn it into a giant birthday party for me! [kidding, of course].


I was hoping to actually get some serious suggestions.

To add something: If they are going to change the theme, it will have to be in the next few days/week or so. No one has brought anything to the table, except the fact that many of them hate the current theme. About a third of the members of the board are considering stepping down because of this, the Emerald Isle Society is considering not being in the parade, the local Irish dance troup is considering not participating, many vendors are dropping out, etc. In other words, it is a HUGE deal. It could actually cause the parade to be cancelled.

So there is a serious and urgent need to come up with a theme that would actually work. Something non political, OBVIOUSLY. Something non racist. Something positive that celebrates the Irish community and/or Irish heritage.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d REALLY REALLY be interested in hearing them. I’m not really that interested in having a hijacked thread of jokes.

Is peace in Northern Ireland not suitable?

Well they could but do it a little better than normal. How about something along the lines of “Mystical Ireland” or somesuch.

You could dress them do as Little people, fairies banshees etc. You could also have things like floats or costumes based on stories such as The Children of Lir (Swans etc.) Boys dressed up as little Cu Chulainns.You may get flack from god bothers about this as it’s all very pagan. Interestingly that’s the way the Dublin Parade has been moving for a few years and it seems to be very popular.
Or you could go the complete opposite and look at modern days Irelands connections with the US. Since the Celtic Tiger roared we now have a lot of bussiness connections with the US as well as the ever present connection with the millions of Irish Americans.

The en of that post should have been

Or you could go the complete opposite and look at modern days Irelands connections with the US. Since the Celtic Tiger roared we now have a lot of bussiness connections with the US as well as the ever present connection with the millions of Irish Americans.

Irish Americans efect on America?

When in doubt the whole Orange and Green smoking the peace pipe on the border usually goes down well. Base it on the Irish Flag. It represents the two cultures of Ireland.

Naked Drunken Celtic Debauchery!

'Cause 15 minutes after the parade is over…

In all these years, it never occurred to me that parades celebrating a particular holiday or whatever needed a theme. I thought that was their theme. (In this case, Ireland/Irishness/drinking a lot of green beer.) So I’m clearly not gonna be much help.

It’s political.

It’s political. Plus, I’m not sure how you would do floats and stuff about that.

A celebration of Ireland’s musical legacy to the world from folk music/dancing to U2.

I know (what I think is) an Irish blessing. “May your troubles be less, And your blessings be more And nothing but happiness come through your door.”

Slainte is a toast to health. I suppose good health isn’t the right kind of theme for a parade.

I like don’t ask’s idea. Irish music has a wonderful variety for a parade. Celtic, tin whistle, a certain kind of bag pipe, flute, guitar, fiddle, harmonica, mandolin, accordian. Oh and the dance music! Jigs, reels, flings, highlands, polkas, set dances and marches. Yeah something to do with celebrating the musical heritage through to the popular music of today.

I’ve suggested the musical legacy idea. Any others would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

How about making the theme drunken Irish partying.?


Well, I think it’s a shame that this would be seen as “political” - but you know your committee better than I do. As for the floats, you could have gigantic effigies of Trimble, Adams, Paisley, and… er… hang on. OK, not such a good idea. :smiley:

“children of Lir” is rather a depressing story.

Perhaps you could make a parade of “Finnegan’s Wake”? Although a bunch of drunk kids doesn’t make for much of a parade…