Help Me Think of Something to Do With A Door, Please!

Recently we switched the old front door for a new one. The old one is a steel(wood with a steel covering) door and in pretty good shape. Anyone have any good ideas? As long as no one, or just me, gets hurt it’s probably acceptable presuming it’s legal.

You could make a brooch! Or a hat! Or a pterodactyl!

(Sorry, I got nothing. Except maybe either a table or a really big sled.)

You can use it for a table.

You could make a roadrunner trap.

You could use it as a practice door so you’ll be ready whenever confronted with a real one.

Drill holes in each end, run some rope through, and make a really REALLY big tree swing.

A really big cribbage board.

Make it a jar.

I dont mind if its stupid or destructive for reference.


Make a toboggan.

I wonder if MsRobyn is going to post to this thread?

Cut a door-sized hole in the wall, mount the door to the studs, and install trim. When guests ask to use the powder room, direct them to that door. When they can’t open it, laugh hysterically while pointing at them and slapping your knee. Then, clean up the puddle of urine on the floor.

In my teen years, I had a desk made from a door. The door rested on two stacks of three flue linersso that the flue liners made drawers/cubbyholes.

Take two filing cabinets, of the same height. Place door on top of filing cabinets. You now have a very useful desk. You might need to paint or otherwise decorate the door, but this is a very useful desk.

When we hosted D&D games, we had a door that we placed on the coffee table, in order to make a large table with room enough for everyone. I suppose a door could also be placed on a regular table, to make a larger table. A tablecloth helps a lot.

Build a frame for it and put it in the middle of your backyard, a field, or somewhere random. This will be a good existential puzzle for passersby.

Then wait and see if anyone builds a house around it.

Donate it on to some needy, doorless individual.

I once saw exactly what you are describing in an attorney’s office; I might be making one for myself in the near future.

Collect three or four more doors and connect them edge to edge for a nifty room divider.
I used to frequent a bar that had a wall constructed of doors. About a 20’ ceiling and they had assembled the doors jigsaw puzzle style.

Donate it to Habitat for Humanity recycling program.