Help me understand "Gay Pride"?

I have this Facebook friend who is very big on gay pride.

Thing is, to me, pride is something you have done. An accomplishment. He earned a masters degree. THAT was an accomplishment to have pride in. He has been successful in a difficult career. THAT is also something to have pride in. Somebody winning a gold medal or overcoming cancer, I can see wanting to celebrate pride in that.

But just being gay? I mean, why? I dont think he even had it hard coming out to family. Plus he was a darn good looking guy so I dont think he had any problem finding a relationship.

Where is the trophy, diploma, or medal for being just what you say you are?

Total trainwreck and thread-closing in 15 posts.

That’s one meaning; but another meaning of “pride” is the opposite of “shame.”

Like the “black pride” movement of the 1960s (?), “gay pride” is a reaction against, and a repudiation of, the idea that gay people are somehow inferior, or disordered, or have something to be ashamed of, merely because of being gay.

The accomplishment is being who you are openly in what is commonly an acutely hostile environment. That takes integrity and courage. That, IMHO is worthy of pride.

I would have no problem with your position if we were truly an accepting and understand society. In such a world, sexual orientation would essentially be a non-issue. We don’t live in such a world and all too many people seem to be perfectly OK with that.

I find it amusing that this ^ would have to be explained to someone who chose the moniker Urbanredneck.

Urbanredneck is just wondering, you know?

I admit, I have the same thoughts as the OP when it comes to the concept of national pride.

When your nation has a history of being violently oppressed and you are struggling to peacefully overcome that oppression, it makes perfect sense to me.

That’s what I was going to write.

Yes, in that context it makes sense. But it’s often not used in that context. Anyhow, I regret the possible hijack, so back to the OP as asked.

Yours is in the mail.

Urbanredneck, you know that Lee Greenwood song “God Bless the USA”? You know the part where he sings, “I’m proud to be an American”? If you can understand that line, then you should be able to understand any other “pride”.

“Pride” can mean “I’m not ashamed of being in Group X, even though there are people who want me to be.”

“Pride” can also mean, “I’m glad I belong to Group X, because Group X has a wonderful culture and history and I feel special belonging to it.”

“Pride” can also mean, “I feel good about myself because I did X.”

You are fixated on the last definition, but I’m betting you’ve used the other definitions in plenty of contexts without even thinking about it.

Are you sure? The myopic and contrived OP would indicate that he probably flunked history.

Does being openly gay in a culture where being gay has led to being criminalized, declared mentally ill, and chastised deserve to be proud? You betcha.

I agree.

Nm. Not nice.

I’m having trouble believing that in 2019 someone could ask this question sincerely.

It’s taking longer than we thought.

I remember after I moved to San Francisco 20 years ago when I saw the rainbow flags everywhere on Market Street during June (Pride month). I’m not gay but I felt deep pride seeing that spectacle. Not Gay pride, but pride that the main street in an American city could be festooned with symbols of Gay Pride and life just went on. It felt great.

This. And taking bets that OP does not return to this thread, since he has been so thoroughly schooled already.