Help me with acronyms

I am trying to teach my dad how to communicate online and he thinks that we all speak in a different language.
So, if you would be so kind as to help me with a list of different acronyms I would so appreciate it.
And he has a wonderful sense of humor, and nothing offends him. (I will be printing this for him)
But please contain any freaky stories or naughty pictures of me to yourself. :wink:

Try doing a search (Any day) through the forum threads, or try the one I started:

There are a lot of great people on the board keen to help with the topic.

Hey Kricket! Check here!

Thereโ€™s a great list in the Classic Posts. :smiley:

Duh! Thanks guys. Full moon and all, I had a brain fart.
I am so glad you guys were here to point out my non-functioning brain waves. :wink: