I need help with acronyms.

I am new to this message board, and I need some help with some of the acronyms used. I understand some,IIRC, If I recall correctly,IMO, In my opinion, and others. Still some fly over my slow head. AFIAK, FWIW, WAG. Please help me out with these and any others that you are aware of.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.


As Far As I Know, and For What It’s Worth, it’s just a Wild-Ass GUess.

Thanks Furt,
I see your answers and wonder, Why didn’t I think of that?I’m old and slow but I will get the hang of it soon.



This is one of the useful sites for acronyms.



Thanks k.os the site was useful but you messed my mind up.


HTH: Hope This Helps.

HAND: Have A Nice Day.

It was all in good fun. :wink:

Don’t be confused k.os. I was just kidding. I was referring to your signature. It must be a quote from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Here is the definitive list-

Attn Newcomers - Abbreviations List

Thanks CnoteChris,
Very informative.