Help me with my movie

I need some REALLY strange things in a movie I’m writing. I mean, the strangest things you can come up with. I want the really creepy ideas, but not lewd or pornographic. I need werid stuff to put into a movie that won’t change a plot too much, or stuff that does change a plot. I need some weird scenery ideas, character names and ideas, plot ideas, thought ideas, be creative.

I am working on a movie and I just need some inspiration. Any comments suggestions ideas…etc would be greatly appreciated.

Splu Urtaf

Go rent “Evil Dead”.

Not from movies, the more original the better. that is a main point of my movie

Sorry for the miscommunication.

I meant “Go rent “Evil Dead”” as “Go rent a movie that explores the boundaries of how horror can be humorous and try to expound on that in your own unique manner.”

This is really more of a MPSIMS thing. I’ll move it there.

You need lots of paintings of sad clowns. Sad clown paintings can be a recurring yet meaningless symbol - every character has a sad clown painting in their home.

Oh, and monkeys dressed in clothes. Walking around in little outfits with hats.


I was at a wedding once, and I overheard one of the bridesmaids tell this story.

It happened that the bride was to busy to go and buy a pair of wedding shoes. So the bridesmaid who had the same size feet went and did it for her.

I know it’s not much but it stuck in my mind all the years.
If your making a horror movie maybe you could set it up so the person doing a similar favor gets killed instead of the bride. Also, it could be the whole dress instead of just shoes.

A deaf person having a relationship with a hearing person. Way creepy.

I would use a painting of a sad-faced clown monkey wearing a bridal dress and veil trying on bridal shoes while signing “I Love You.”


one word:


Just hire somebody to paint some sad clowns. Not that difficult.

How about random voices? Not anything that will distract attention from the main characters, but just have lil conversations, or random words in the background. Like when your characters aren’t talking. That would probably work best if the mystery person has a very deep and ominous voice.

Strip poker game between nuns and priests.

Freeway soccer.

Worlds strongest man vs. skinniest woman chess match.

Sand castle building contest in Sahara.

Character: Spackle Jim

More coming.

All I ask for is a mention in the credits.

Watch Zombie! vs. Mardi Gras. A stranger film has never been made.

(I’d link the title, but I don’t know how. Anyway, it’s over at )

Retail store manager arrested for sex with a 13 year old and a 17 year old (he is 46) threatens to kill himself after killing all other management at said retail store. but gets arrested instead.

Oh shit, that really happened. nevermind

by the way, the manager in my previous post, my former boss.

How about a shootout where the characters actually reload at logical intervals?

Characters with first & last names the same (i.e. Bob Roberts, Jim James, Bill Williams, etc.) can get really weird if you do it right.

Medieval castle, Jetsons-type building, Victorian mansion, “normal” house, etc. on the same street, seen out the car window in the BG of a closeup of driver.

i suggest you have it where the guy wakes up on a bus to chicago every morning. but a year later every time. and then have a recurring character that doesn’t change. and a scotsman on a horse.

I happened to once upon a time meet a fellow who, before I met him, had attempted to commit suicide by drinking a whole lot of (I think it was) antifreeze. Evidently the way this kills you is that it causes paralysis – freezing (no pun intended) the less important muscles, and finally causing the heart and lungs to cease their contractions. Obviously this guy survived ('cuz I met him sometime after this incident) but his facial muscles remained frozen. He could move his jaw just enough to eat and talk (with a bad, bad slur) but his face remained “stuck”, like he was wearing a mask. If he laughed, cried, screamed in pain, his face would have the same motionless stunned look.

Another odd character I met once had been burned severely in a chemical accident. He had long hair and a beard covering his face and head, and always (no matter how hot it was) wore long sleeved clothing. BUT every once in a while he would roll up his sleeve and “amaze” his coworkers (we were employees of a cheesy restaurant) by taking his lit cigarette and literally passing it through the holes in his wrists. I mean all the way through – he held out his arm, dropped the cigarette above it, and it would fall to the table below it.
This guy of course received a huge amount of worker’s comp money for his accident, most of which he blew on alcohol and cocaine, but he did buy a limo with some of it. Only thing is he, he didn’t have enough money to hire a driver, so he drove his limo around town like a regular car.

I always thought those two should have been characters in a David Lynch movie. But seeing as I don’t know Mr. Lynch and can’t suggest them to him, you can use them if you’re so inclined…

OK, a day in the life of a character - doesn’t have to be anything spectacular or creepy or adventurous.

Here’s the catch - keep the character in the scene as much as possible. But change the actor who plays him every time the camera cuts away. And vary the actors across a wide spectrum. Example:

A white man, late twenties, going to a party with his friends. They’re at the door, main character knocks.
Cut to interior of apartment. Host opens door; friends are all the same but character is now played by a Pacific Islander in his forties, but everything continues as if this sudden change had never happened.

I think you get the idea…