Help me with some Boxing Day decorating ideas?

Like last year, there’s going to be an office decorating contest in the office this year. Like last year, we plan on blowing the competition out of the water. No one is taking our title from us, dammit!

The theme this year is to tie in all of the relevant holidays with Red Sox Nation. We’ll have a tree with little baseball ornaments, snowflakes with Sox players’ photos on them (not my idea), a wall with The Green Monster on it (the scoreboard will say “Happy Holidays”), stuff like that.

My idea – and assignment – is a Boxing Day box. It will be a big box in which we can collect canned food which we can then give to a food bank of some sort. I figured that the B in Boxing can be the Sox logo.

What else? Is there any iconography for this holiday? Color schemes, images, anything like that? I’m thinking that since it is really a British holiday, I can throw in some British themes. Paper crowns or something like that.