Help me with this song...

Okay, there’s this song I’ve heard on the radio a lot, it’s kinda old (a year or two maybe), but whenever it comes on, there’s never an announcement as to who it’s buy. I know it’s not SoulCoughing, but the vocals are by the lead singer.

There are a lot of lyrics talking about “Mr. DJ” and how “He likes to roll it up.” It’s a great song, and I’d love to own it…if I could just figure out what album it’s on.

Also, does anyone know where the B-Side for Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot” is from? Thanks.

It’s by BT and it’s called “Never Gonna Come Back Down”

The Filter question is still up for grabs.


Thanks, Chicken Scratch.

Anyone got an answer for question number 2?

The single that I purchsed for hey man had a hey man edit hey man nickel bag mix another hey man mix and white like that dictaphone version. Is this the song that you mean? It was on the album (short bus)…

Hmmm…I guess I should clarrify, huh? The remix I’m thinking of is a popular one on the radio here, in which the song has a brass accompaniment throughout. Mainly trombones, I believe, but it’s been a while since I’ve been in band, so I could be wrong.