Help me with this word puzzle?

This quiz was sent to me by a friend - it’s from a UK brewing company’s weekly email and we’ve been struggling in the office to solve it.

There is a list of 16 items which can be grouped into 4 groups of four. Each group of four will have a coherent theme.

Year Itch
T S Eliot
Gold Dagger
Deadly Sins
O Russell

Some items might appear to fit into more than one category, but there is only one correct solution.

It’s meant to be done without google, but we’ve tried that so now we just want to work out the answers!

We’ve narrowed down three of the categories, but can’t figure out the final one; some of the categories appear obvious but more than four words fit so until the final category is sorted it’s hard to rule them in or out.

Here are my initial thoughts:

[spoiler]Theme 1 = Seven (Year Itch, Deadly Sins, Samurai, Dwarves, and maybe Magnificent)

Theme 2 = Literary Prizes (Orange, Gold Dagger, TS Elliot, Gaisford)

Theme 3 = Directors (Scorsese, O Russell, Cuaron, McQueen)

Which leaves Hyena, Pounding, Random and probably Magnificent but I cannot see what links them. [/spoiler]

I got it.

It is “magnificent” in that last category. It is a wordplay category, unlike the others, which is most likely why it didn’t occur to you. Spend some time looking at those last four words and seeing if parts of them don’t jump out at you.

Hmm, that’s kind of oblique. Here’s another hint that’s a lot clearer if you want it:

There’s a reason why one of the words is an -ing word; it’s because if they didn’t use the -ing form, it all would’ve been way too obvious.

Got it! Thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

In case anyone want to know:

They all have currencies in their name: Yen, Pound, Rand and Cent