Help moving from iPhone to Android

My wife’s work phone has been renewed, but they changed it from an iPhone (8, i think) to a Samsung S10+. The new phone has a helpful transfer app to move her data, but it doesn’t seem to include her whatsapp chats . She lives and dies by them (mostly work related) and doesn’t want to lose anything; alas, there’s about 11GB of the stuff.

I tried the “backup to email” process, but again, 11GB. Some chats are 60-80 MB. Same for the iCloud thing.

So, can anyone recommend some program that would let me do this as painlessly as possible?

Much obliged.


Maybe you should request a change to the title and the forum.

Your problem is not different OS’ it is “how do I backup and restore a large quantity of WhatsApp messages” ?

Maybe this link is helpful: