Help Mrs. Evil Captor Buy Glasses

Nothing is more indicative of my noble spirit than the fact that I am now asking you to help Mrs. Evil Captor buy glasses. I’ve got her convinced I’m handsome, so new glasses are definitely NOT in my best interest, yet still I ask for your help.

The problem is, she went to an outfit called EyeOptique and had a really unpleasant experience. They tested her vision but she didn’t feel they did a very good job because they only tested her for nearsightedness, not farsightedness.

Also, the guy who was in charge of the frames and so forth kept trying to sell her frames that cost over $300, and she was looking for something that cost a lot less than that – closer to $100-150. She finally left without buying anything, just her exam – and they didn’t even give her a lens prescription.

She needs lenses that correct for astigmatism. She is farsighted but says simple magnifying glasses work fine for reading, so she doesn’t think she needs bifocals and (I suspect) doesnt want them, though her job involves reading a computer monitor so I think maybe they’d come in handy.

What say you, Dopers? Are there other places that offer better service (and who are they?) and a better deal? Other chains better? Wal-Mart kinda dealies? Any sellers of glasses or buyers of same out there who can help?

Also, is there some plausible way I can say that glasses that overall improve vision might uglify a strikingly handsome Signficant Other?

I’ve always had good experiences with Wal-Mart – they usually have an independent optometrist in the building, and then you take your prescription to their frame/lens center if you wish. I’ve never paid more than $75 for frames and lenses combined there; though of course the pricey selections are available. Don’t have much to offer about the astigmatism lenses, though, as I don’t have that. My MIL does, however, and she says that it shouldn’t raise the price by very much, if at all.

The $300 quote for frames is bullshit, by the way – she can get a pair of freakin’ DKNY frames for around $130 at LensCrafters.

I’m afraid I can’t help you on the last bit, as I’m still looking to get my wife a pair of glasses that will take 50 pounds off of me. :wink:

Thanks for the recommendation, I told Mrs. Captor about it and she liked those prices.

When buying frames, the first question to ask is 'What’s on sale?'

Discontinued frames cost 30% of their original price, and they are indistinguisable from frames at full price. I only buy frames that are on sale.

LensCrafters is not usually not bad either, and also has an optometrist nearby.

She can get progressive lens bifocals if she needs them. No lines! Just the sad, sad, sad knowledge that “Yes, I’m old enough to need bifocals.”

Umm, not giving her the prescription is bullshit. Of course, from the description of her exam, the prescription might be useless anyway.

I was pretty impressed with the frames at Target (only fairly large Targets have an optical department) in terms of stylishness and cost (I think almost all were under $100).

OK, Target, Lenscrafters, and look for sales. Thanks, I’ll pass that along to Mrs. Evil Captor as well, along wit the news you gave me about sigma null dimensional vortexes getting trapped in eyeglass lenses and making husbands look bad for scientific reasons.

I’ve always had good treatment at Lenscrafters, and I’ve been using them and whatever optometrist they had nearby for years (I’ve moved a few times, so keeping the same doctor is difficult).

Yeah, and $300 for frames is absurd. They had Bulgari frames at Lenscrafters when I was there, and even those were “only” $200. My frames, full price, were Anne Klein for about $145, though my insurance paid $110 of that. Also, Lenscrafters often has deals for two pairs of glasses or discounted frames. I wish I had taken advantage of a two-pair deal when I went, because now I wish I got prescription sunglasses.