HELP! My bread machine died mid-cycle!

My bread machine appears to have died mid-dough cycle…what can I do to salvage this dough?? :confused:

Have you tried unplugging the machine for a couple minutes, then plugging it back in? Have you verified the outlet still works?

My wife’s at the store, so that’s all I got. How far along is the dough? ETA: My wife often uses hers to make and kneed the dough, but uses the oven for baking, so there’s hope.

Put it in a greased bowl on your counter, let it rise, form it into a loaf shape on a floured pan or in a loaf pan, heat your oven to 400 F, put it in and bake it.

Wife just came home. She says try five minutes unplugged.

If it’s already kneeded, take it out and let it rise for an hour, then bake in the oven.

If it’s not done being kneeded, you need to kneed it by hand, and bake in the oven.

Thanks guys. I was using it to make dough to bake in the oven - which is why I didn’t know what to do…who knows how much the dumb machine had already kneaded it, etc? :slight_smile: I put it in a warmed oven to let it rise, and it is baking now. Seems to look ok, but time will tell!

You know when it’s done being kneaded for future reference by feel - it should be tacky, not sticky, resilient - you know, like kneaded dough.