Help my cat hates me?

Well not me I don’t own one. A coworker of mine has an upity tuxedo cat.

She rescued this cat from the alley and she cleans its box and paid for its shots and feeds it and the cats hates her. It loves her mother and father. It plays with her sister and the kid her mother babysits. But it will have nothing to do with this coworker.

The cat only likes her in the morning and evening when SHE feeds it. Then he eats the food walks past her and goes to play with everyone else in the family.

It like barely tolerates her.

I told her cats have favourites but she is still upset.

Can anyone else out there help me convince her she’s not alone.

I think I saw this in a movie. The cat gets the whole family to love it and then when the coworker finally tries to get rid of it the family sides itself with the cat and kicks the person out.

Hurry! It is of the utmost importance than you get your coworker to destroy that cat immediately!

scratches at Eternal

scampers out of reach

of course cats have favorites. we’re trying to get more attention and catnip! :smiley:

well, she’s not alone, at least. lots of cats do that (read: most of my cat friends do it :D)

the SDMB Resident Cat[sup]TM[/sup] hath spoken…

If you’re thinking anyone’s going to be cleaning out your cougar sized dumps with that attitude you’d better think again kitty kat.


we cats are so naturally neat that we actually leave the seat up when we’re done. :smiley:

oops… meant to say “leave the seat down”.



Could be worse. My dad thought that the family cat was his son. He didn’t know “who the hell” I was.

Does your coworker play with the cat? Some toys can only be played with by a person and cat…I play with my little cat with a shoestring. He can’t play with the shoestring without me. One of his favorite activities. Also my fat cat likes to be brushed with a fur slicker…LOVES it, like it’s the best thing in the world. Maybe if your coworker does pleasurable activities with the cat (get yer dirty minds out of the gutter, dopers!) the cat will warm up to her. When she feeds the cat, maybe she should stroke the cat as it’s eating. The cat may associate the great pleasure of eating with the awesome feeling of being petted.
And it will associate the fun of playing with the great person that’s playing with it. If the cat is sleeping, your friend could lay next to the cat and snuggle with it, pet it, etc.

I hope your coworker finds ways to enjoy this cat. Sounds like she does a great job taking care of it, and when you know youre going out of your way to do something for somebody else, you kind of wish the other person (namely, the damned cat) would open its eyes and see you for the great person you are!
Ooo I really shouldn’t straight dope while I’m on Ambien.


The really tragic thing is that if the cat simply won’t get along with a human member of the household, you may have to have them put down.
The member of the household, that is. Cats rule! :smiley:

runs up to Anthracite, yowling happily

stands guard

rubs back on Anthracite’s pant leg

you’re MINE now! PURRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

rub, rub, rub

What are you people doing, giving such AWFUL advice!

What your coworker needs to do is IGNORE THE CAT. PRETEND THE CAT DOESN’T EXIST. Do anything other than pay attention to the cat. Turn all good-kitty cat vibes to OFF.

Then, as all cats and most women do, she will be determined to get the love and affection of anyone who doesn’t adore her.

Haven’t you ever noticed that if there’s ten people in the room, and one of them can’t stand cats, that’s EXACTLY who the cat goes for???

To paraphrase from the Matrix: There is no cat.

By the way… on a related note: Everyone should send kitty hugs to Oicu812 for rescuing the little furry kitty that was dumped in my yard. (I would have kept her, but I’m already the proud parent of three 15 pounder kitties who don’t share well…) Not only did he spend a buttload of money on getting her healthy, but he is a big softy who spends a lot of time making sure she’s happy in her new home. What a great guy.

If it was my cat, I would be searching diligently for a reputable cat psychologist. Preferrably one who deals with avoidance personality disorder. Of course, that would involve payment of some sort, and I am not sure that your basic cat policy would cover the therapy sessions. Ummmm, take the cat and swing it by it’s tail a few times?

Cats have to be socialized to people while they’re still very young. If she rescued it from an alley, it may never become a loving pet.
I think I would get an intermediate between the cat and myself, a friend closer to the cat’s own size; say, a 60-pound dog. No, I’m just kidding. Cats have to be socialized to dogs while they’re very young too.

It’s funny as it will wake her up in the morning and pat her on the face till she feeds it. It runs to her at night after returns from work, to get dinner.

But it will NOT play with her. She says she tried catnip, yarn, paper bags, and the cat ignores her. But her sister or her father it LOVES. It cuddles and purrs and plays with them. I’ve seen the cat it is very nice, it just acts all totally upity towards her. Like it will barely acknowlege she exists.

It cuddles on everyone’s laps and sits next to them to get petted. Even me. But if she is on the couch it will sit on the other side. It’s weird but it almost seems go out of it’s way to displace how much it hates her. Of course it’s probably just seems like this.

But I know cats have favourites, so I told her she’s just at the bottom of the cat’s list.

My theory time. Since your friend feeds the kitty, I bet she was the one also responsible for disciplining the little one “don’t claw the furniture, off of the counter, use the litter box”. Plus she is probably the one to bathe and flea treat kitty and take it in for vet visits.

Cats have long memories. So kitty relates friend to food, but when it comes to play kitty probably remembers the disciplines. Everyone else in the household gets to be the good guy.