Help my cousin name his kayak

My cousin, a cabinet-maker and fine-arts restoration guy, has recently moved from radio-controlled airplanes to kayak making. I got the following from him this evening:

“Built a kayak out of cardboard and duct tape for the First Annual Medford Cardboard Boat Race this next Saturday. Conspired with the neighbor kid, 14 years old and under 100 lbs. He will row the beast to Victory! haven’t decided on a theme for the boat yet…thought of Cardy-yak, but the kid won’t have one so that’s out. Something from the dark side with fins is what I am seeing.”

Any ideas?

Being lazy, I say name it Kay.


So he can have his kayak and Edith too.

Thank you, I’ll be here all week :smiley:

OK, that doesn’t exactly meet the “dark side with fins” requirement so I got nothin’

Paint it pink … you know, a pink Cadillyak.

Edith !

I love it!

How about palindrome


Or maybe Elba.

Or just plain Bob.

How about Mrs. Kayak? No? Hmm…this is hard. :wink:

Duct tape? Cardboard?


**Sonia Papermoon.

Paper View.

Paper Tiger.

Yakety Box.

Spiel die Carton ** (surely misspelled, I’m told this means, in German, “Deal the cards.”

Damfino was the name of all of Buster Keaton’s boats. “What do you call it?” “Damfino.”

Mindfield is correct when he says “Biob”, for if you put it in the water, it will.

Cecil Adams

Definitely dark, not sure about the fins.


Selma Kayak.

Jayn Newell


What about Red Green’s Triumph? Although from the sounds of it, I doubt he’d be the first to make that sort of reference.

My Other Boat’s a Catamaran. Or heck, My Other Boat Floats

How about Eyak? The Eyak tribe lives on the coastal plain of Alaska and has its own sub-language of Athabascan. I think Eyak the Kayak has a ring to it.

Oh, and Eyak is pronounced ‘eeyak’, but I suppose one could claim it was pronounced ‘eye-ak’.


Perfect if his name is Tyler.

The Black Pig


The Black Bastard

Davy Jones
I’d Kill You And Eat You, Given The Opportunity
(Iky-eay GTO?)

Name the boat “Sedna is Pissed”

Sedna is the Inuit Goddess of the sea. The Inuit people of the arctic are thought to be the original creators of the kayak.

I truely believe that a cardboard and duct tape kayak would bug the shit out of Sedna. Please ask the kid to keep an eye out for Her when he paddles in the competition.

Here’s one link:
And another:

If you search around you’ll find many versions of the legend. But in all of them, the theme is the same. This is one angry woman.

I have a special fondness for Sedna. If they go with the name, I demand photos.

Poorly made, close to water.