Help name the Sacramento United Football League Team

Help name the Sacramento United Football League Team

Formerly the California Redwoods


How about the Sacramento Gold Rush? Or to be really boring the Sacramento Capitals?

Cannibals (Donner Party) :eek:

Solons - Solon was an early Greek lawmaker and the term “solons” was often used by journalists as a synonym for “senators.” Used to be a baseball team in Sac.

They should be called the Terminators.

If the team isn’t ethnically diverse and you want to annoy the local media, go for the Sacramento WASPS.

… and you could claim you were just paying homage to the Sacramento State Hornets (college).

Sacramento Bleu!

If Mentos sponsors them, they can be the Sacra Mentos.

California Deficits

How about the Sacramento Bradfords?

The Tule Fogs.


How about the Sacramento Manteeth after the legendary Sac native

Beat me to it. It’s so obvious.

Well, it’s official…

Sacramento Mountain Lions