Help! Need advice about bedcovers, no sleep!

My fiance is in hell. The cover on his bed, he finally figured out, has been making his sleep a living hell for 2 years.

He’s very thin, and very vulnerable to the cold. But he also generates a lot of heat in his sleep. He’s been sleeping under a 50/50 cotton/polyester “comforter” for 2 years, and he wakes up 5 times a night sweating like a pig. Then her starts to freeze and has to get back under.

What we wanna know is: what is your best advice for a cover that is plenty warm, yet allows enough air circulation to keep him from cooking? Wouldn’t down be too warm, too? What about down and feathers? What’s the scoop, guys?

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I dunno about feathers, i think they insulate pretty damn well. I had a feather sleeping bag and i got hot as hell in it (it wasnt bery thick either). However maybe because it was a military mummy type that was why it was warm. Perhaps he could use a couple of thick blankets instead of a comforter? (If others say feathers/down is cooler disregard!)

Get some of those semi-thin afghan-like blankets and layer them. That way, he’ll be warm, but he can take off/put on as much as needed to be comfortable.

This problem has plagued men for eons, or at least since they invented comforters. Thats the major downside to having a girlfriend. Women are invariably cold at night regardless of temp, and us men eager to sleep next to a naked woman put up with it and sweat. I suppose after marraige until the twin beds stage you just deal with it. I love my comforter, its a cheap thin polyester filled comforter. My exs all had expensive down comforters with flannel covers. I would get like 4 hours of sleep a night because of those damn things. Sorry to vent, and not offer any real advice, but women are going to be the end of us. The joke that says: “Women are always cold, and turning up the heat and adding covers…I think their trying to slowly cook us men” May be more true than previously thought.

I have two words for you: flannel sheets. They provide enough warmth for comfort, but they breathe because they’re made of cotton. “The touch, the feel of cotton…” Forgot that old bulky comforter! Get ye some fleece!

You don’t want down or feathers - that would really cook his goose. How about a quilt? We use a quilt year round. It’s light enough for him and warm enough for me - but I do have an extra blanky just for me on really cold nights.

Hand sewn ones are tres expensive, but you can get a machine quilted blanket for under a 100 bills.

I may be an exception to the ‘women are invariably cold’ rule, since I haven’t been able to sleep under those big ole furnaces-disguised-as-comforters in years. Instead, I use one of those nice woven, cottony blankets, which works perfectly. Plus, you can find them in really nifty designs.

I don’t know if that’s as warm as you wanted, but given an adequate heating system, it’s always carried me through the winter.


Omniscient - did we used to date? You described me exactly. Expensive down comforter, flannel cover. It’s the best! I sleep with that thing even in the dead of summer.

Put me down as another vote for flannel. We use it all through the year, because it’s the only thing that will keep us both (me: warm enough, him: cool enough) comfortable, no matter what the season.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

From personal experience,I’ve found the best way to work it is to wear skimpy or almost no clothes,but stay under the covers.Youre still warm,but no sweat! ;)If you don’t believe me,you are welcome to come over and find out for yerself…Satan?Cowgod? :smiley:

Heh. I maintain that I have chosen the men I have slept with by how much body heat they radiate – to keep me snug and cozy. :wink:

This sounds dumb, but when I wake up in the middle of the night and am too hot, but know that if I toss off the covers I’ll be freezing soon, I just stick my feet out from under the covers for a while. It seems to provide just enough cooling, and it’s easy enough to pull 'em back in when I start to get cold.


My personal favorite are the velvety-type blankets. They usually have a satin liner around the edge. They’re about a quarter to half inch thick, but they’re a velvet fuzz attached to a thin sheet in the middle. I don’t have a damn clue what they’re called, but I’ve used them at my gramma’s, and they’re the most comfortable damn things I’ve ever had. Cool in summer, warm in winter.


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