HELP! Need to find the name of a book

It is about Vampires. It is at least four or five years ago. One of the most memorable things was the goths thinking “i hope it’s real, I hope it’s real” and then when they find out the super cool Goth club is nothing more than a culling ground, they all run away. Too late, of course.

I REALLY need to find this book. HHHHHHEEEELLLLP!


Not a book, but that’s a scene from the movie Blade.

Which was released in 1998.

No, sorry. It was definitely a book. And it was not Blade. Thanks for the effort, though. Very different from Blade.


A slight bump cause I really need help with this. It’s a birthday present replacement for a friend…


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Could this be somewhat warped memories of Poppy Z. Brite’s Lost Souls?

Golly, I am not sure to he honest - I’ ll check it out for a synopsys. Thanks for the idea - I’ll let you know if that was it!

And if it is, your next drink is on me. Or your next paid subscription, whichever you’d rather.


Crap that wasn’t it.

It was all about how Goths hope and pray that there’s some truth to the whole vampire mythos, but when actually confronted, they think “crap” as their life drains away in the lush back rooms of the hottest new Goth club.

Damn, this is so irksome. I am generally so good at remembering authors or books.
Someone PLEASE help!!


Bite Club?

So Good. Yet, not it. Sorry. Thanks for the try…


Found it!

Gothique by Kyle Marffin.

Thanks all for your suggestions.